Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Highland Kites - Rockwired Radio Profiles #704

When we spoke with MARISSA LAMAR of HIGHLAND KITES, we asked her what she wanted people to come away with after they had heard the music on her band's latest release I'M NOT WEAK. To paraphrase her response, one of the points that she brought up was that she didn't want people to be brought down by her music, given the heavy themes that are on display within this mesmerizing EP. Given the execution of these songs, which recalls the haunting production and songcraft of works by DANIEL LANOIS and BRIAN ENO, it is hard for us to see the music reducing a listener to sobbing mess. We hear music that uplifts, and because of that I'M NOT WEAK is nothing short of a miracle. Music is more that just something to do for LAMAR. It was a means of survival. Music got her through the years she struggled against Lyme Disease and the struggle turned her into a songwriter with a confessional quality that is unparalleled. Damned if we can find a anything like HIGHLAND KITES in the current indie set, and that's a good thing. It makes the reward of discovering an EP like I'M NOT WEAK all the more sweeter. 


The Shrimps - Rockwired Radio Profiles #703

Let's face it. Indie music has come to mean music that is acoustic based and conveys a sense of longing and introspection. The term almost has nothing to do with the fact that the music is coming form a band that isn't signed to a major label. The subtlety of this sound is even used to push goods and services such as PANERA BREAD, SABRA and UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX. Yes, "indie music" has gone the way of "alternative rock" in terms of not meaning anything anymore, so when a duo like THE SHRIMPS is described as such, it does the duo and their music a massive disservice. This isn't introspective music. It's extroverted music! THE SHRIMPS are comprised of the brothers BENAJAMIN, and their musicality is proudly displayed on their new EP ABSTRACTS AND KEYWORDS. MARCUS and SIMON BENJAMIN take their queue from that other English songwriting partnership of LENNON and McCARTNEY and deliver songs that run deliver on melody, hook and that punchy lyric that proves to be elusive amongst the greater "indie rock" crowd. If you were ot hear these blokes in coffee shop. you'd put to your i-phone, stop your conversation with so and so and really give these guys a listen, and in the era of social media, that is really fucking doing something. 


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lullwater - Rockwired Radio Profiles #702

The recent passing of SOUNDGARDEN's CHRIS CORNELL has been a blow to the music industry and has left many asking 'why'? Unfortunately the phenomenon of charismatic front men from the Seattle area passing before their time is due has cast an eerie pall over a city famed for bringing back rock n roll's uncompromising edge. From the opposite end of the country (Atlanta, Georgia to be exact) is the band LULLWATER who have taken tremendous inspiration from the sounds of Seattle. Hell, the band even relocated to the Pacific Northwest and one can hear that inspiration on the band's previous efforts SILHOUETTE and REVIVAL. If their back catalog hasn't convinced you, than their forthcoming release SEATTLE SESSIONS will. Their embrace of the Seattle sound is worn proudly on the band's sleeve in this live recording where the band's cover of the PEARL JAM classic RELEASE. You can call this forthcoming EP a grunge tribute but LULLWATER manages to keep these solid performances raw and unflinching, on their own terms. 


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Uncommon Knowledge - Rock Is Red #31

The element of surprise is what keeps a publication like ours going, and we've got to say that the Martin, South Dakota - based heavy metal band UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE has indeed surprised the hell out of us with an electrifying live set that they had put on recently at the ALBUQUERQUE CENTER FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE. At the moment that band is on a tour throughout the Southwestern United States in promotion of their brand new single FALLEN STAR and while this series of shows is taking place in small venues, we feel that it is only a matter of time before the venues and the band become much bigger. UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE is a band made up of varying members of local South Dakota bands RAZOR CHAIN, NUCLEAR DECADENCE and LOST IN IRRELEVANCE. Together, these Lakota brothers-in-arms are determined to bring their brand of metal to the masses and leave a profound impression on listeners throughout Indian Country and beyond. 


Monday, May 29, 2017

Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers - Rockwired Radio Profiles #701

There are all kinds of professions that are keeping the music industry an industry. You've songwriters and  producers and the heads of independent record labels but none of those professions and business models would mean anything without the actual music makers creating the very thing that separates this industry from everything else. Before becoming the owner of  the indie label  RAVE ON RECORDS, FRANK MIGLIORELLI had written and recorded an extensive catalog of music used for advertising agencies, video game projects, children's publications and television. Eventually, MIGLIORELLI made that life altering decision to start writing music for himself  and after listening to FRANK MIGLIORELLI  & THE DIRT NAPPERS latest release BASS, DRUMS, GUITARS AND ORGANS, we are indeed grateful. The straight-ahead production and approach to rock n roll  showcases MIGLIORELLI's strength's as a songwriter in the vein of JOHN HIATT and the band's considerable chops.  The band's rhythm section is comprised of TONY TINO on bass, PHIL CIMINO on drums and ERIC PUENTE on percussion. Rounding out the sound are JEREMY BAUM on organ,  ANDY STACK and DUCAN CLEARLY on guitars, MIKE BOOKER HEAPHY on steel guitar and backing vocals but SHERRYL MARSHAL, STEVE CHIZMADIA and DAN PELLETIER. With such a wide cast of talent, BASS, DRUMS, GUITARS AND ORGANS brings rock n roll back to the days when it truly popped with melodies, hooks and a spirited delivery. Some things never should've gone out of style.  


Friday, May 5, 2017

Megan Flechaus - Rockwired Radio Profiles #700

Since we're on the subject of crazy, talented seventeen-year olds, we're going to be turning our attention to singer songwriter MEGAN FLECHAUS. As a publication, we've made mention of the fact that rock n roll is no longer the music of the day and that goes double for anything that can be described as folky an introspective but that in no way takes anything away from FLECHAUS' hard hitting new album NEW. Rather than go it alone,with just an acoustic guitar FLECHAUS brings a full band tot eh proceedings, elevating her knowing and heartfelt songcraft to some pretty rocking heights. 


Ray Goren - Rockwird Radio Profiles #699

Ah! A boy wonder who writes and plays every bloody instrument on his latest release! It sounds like a novelty these days but in the case of RAY GOREN, it's just the way that the seventeen year old whipper snapper does business. RAY is certainly no stranger to us here at ROCKWIRED. We practically heard this young man grow up before our very ears with a sound that spans gut bucket blues to all out rock n roll. The kid's musicality is a knowing one and has captured the ear of JIMI HENDRIX's legendary producer EDDIE KRAMER who continues to mentor this one-of-a-kind talent. One his newest  release FREE, GOREN widens his musical palette to include strong R&B and hip hop flourishes. 


Rugby Road - Rockwired Radio Profiles #698

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of  a moment in time when rock n roll gave itself a grunge-y make under and took a rough and raw approach to getting people to bang their heads. If you're reading this we don't need to drop names or mention that these guys were largely from Seattle. At around the same time there was a jam band out East making there presence known in frat houses on the Villa Nova campus. Such an inconspicuous beginning for a band but didn't the CHILI PEPPERS start out the same way? Aside from gaining a massive following thanks to their electrifying live sets, RUGBY ROAD is a band that has achieved something spectacular. They have stuck it our for over 25 years now and their latest EP RUGBY ROAD III only goes to prove that these committed troubadours are all to eager to keep giving the people what they want - music that can get a crowd going. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Signals of Bedlam - Rockwired Radio Profiles #697

With rock n roll already on shaky ground in terms of it's public acceptance, it is strange to see bands such as SIGNALS OF BEDLAM embracing a high-end progressive metal sound. Historically it has always bands that took the direct and in-your-face approach that got people talking about rock n roll again but we at ROCKWIRED have embraced this band's adventurous, musical spirit which is in full force on their brand new release ESCAPING VELOCITY. CHIKA OBIORA on bass and RICH ABIDOR on drums lay down an intoxicating rhythm section while TOM HOY's virtuosity on the six strings elevates the proceedings to dizzying heights. On top of all of the musical know how is vocalist CERO CARTERA whose innate ability to go from bombastic to plaintive can only be attributed to his significant classical training. Just give the haunting vocal track PIECE OF US a listen and you will hear what an arsenal that band has in the way of a vocalist. But let's not put one man above everyone else. SIGNALS OF BEDLAM is a band with some serious musical ambition and in an age where GENE SIMMONS has declared the genre dead, that is really saying something.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kristi Lane Sinclair - Rock Is Red #30

Back in 2014 when  ROCKWIRED first became acquainted with Haida/Cree songwriter KRISTI LANE SINCLAIR, she had just been nominated for what was called the ABORIGINAL PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD for BEST ROCK PERFORMANCE for her album THE SEA ALONE - a moody collections of songs that showcased SINCLAIR's considerable Classical music training and her fondness for the maudlin rock lyric worthy of BILLY CORGAN at his best. It's no accident that we mention the name CORGAN. It was the SMASHING PUMPKINS that got SINCLAIR excited about the six-string and music making in the first place. From there SINCLAIR went on to study classical music but eventually found her own sound and voice and has released a a catalog of music marked by classical flourishes and rock n roll angst. On her latest INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARD nominated album DARK MATTER, SINCLAIR embraces the punk and grunge sounds that got her going artistically in the first place and as a result we are taken on a dark and moody journey that most certainly exhilarates.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

No More Moments - Rock Is Red #29

In all of the time that we've been doing ROCK IS RED we have feature a punk band here and a punk band there but we've never had anything as hard, heavy and fast as the band NO MORE MOMENTS. Hailing from the Siksika Nation in Alberta, Canada, NO MORE MOMENTS epitomize the D.I.Y. philosophy of punk. Formed in 2009, the band have shown what they are made of on the Calgary music scene and throughout the provinces. Their hardcore punk sound has proven to be a relentless as the band who have given their public something to bang their heads to in the form of two EPs MOMENTS REBORN and MOMENTS NEVER SAY DIE and now the band is riding the wave of their new release STILL GOING. After eight years of being together, the title of their latest EP sums up the band's solidarity and we've gotta give a shout out to the STAR WARS-themed CD cover. Short, blistering sets rules the day on this recording with the stand outs being CALLIN' IN, RETIREMENT PARTY and HANGOVER BLUES. In a time where what's left of rock n roll has become slick and refined, it's nice to hear a band like this keeping it raw. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Blameshift - Rockwired Radio Profiles #696

Rock n roll survival is all about endurance and BLAMESHIFT's ability to survive for well over ten years is truly a testament to the band's creative core of vocalist JENNY MANN and guitarist TIM BARBOUR. Back when ROCKWIRED did a radio show for the rinky dink radio station KTSTFM.COM in Anaheim, California, BLAMESHIFT made a stop at the station on THE JAKE LARSEN show. It was a show that I personally sat in on. At the time, the Long Island-based band had just received an endorsement from TACO BELL and were in the midst of a nationwide tour. Ten years later, the band still make their living on the road and are releasing one album or EP after another one and while the band isn't as TACO BELL fueled as they used to be, they are most certainly living that rock n roll dream that has eluded many. BLAMESHIFT has just released their new EP HEART OF STONE featuring the single MONSTER and the proceedings demonstrate a band that knows who they are and appreciates all that it took to get where they are now. Rock n roll could use more survival stories like this one.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Little Bit More - Rockwired Radio Profiles #695

On the dial between Country music and Americana, the music of A LITTLE BIT MORE leans closer to the country side of things but as the moniker of the duo suggests, there is "a bit more" to the story. JILL HAMLIN fell in love with the piano at age three and quickly developed into a musical prodigy which had culminated into studying music abroad and earning a degree in the not-so-prolific field of ethnomusicology. According to HAMLIN her degree "...is another way of saying you'll never have a real job." REED FIELDS honed his writing  and his rather fine voice in numerous country and rock bands over the years until a chance meeting with HAMLIN led to the formation of their musical partnership which sees the light of day on their glorious new release SILHOUETTES. FIELDS' rustic croon compliments the angel-in-flight vocals of HAMLIN over an inspired set of songs that celebrate the highs and lows of love and life. The songs GOOD HABIT, IF ONLY FOR A MOMENT and BEER BOTTLE only prove that this partnership knows what they're talking about when it comes ot matters of the heart but that doesn't mean they're afraid of taking on an issue like substance abuse as they do on the haunting WHERE I AM.

A War Within - Rockwired Radio Profiles #694

It's no secret that bands these days have a rougher go at being able to maintain a lineup. One minute the chemistry is there and next it's gone. Singer NIKHIL RAO came in at the second act of the band A WAR WITHIN as they had begun putting together the ideas for what would become their latest album BELIEVE. If you ask us, there couldn't have been a better time to join a band such as this given the simple fact that BELIEVE is a fucking revelation. Boasting the aggressive power chording that makes metal metal and RAO's own vocal stamina which goes form plaintive to growling in a flash. A WAR WITHIN walks that thin red line between metal angst an melodic sophistication on an album that defies categorization. Is it progressive? Is it nu metal? Sounds like all of it to us. 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Remada - Rockwired Radio Profiles #693

The Chicago-based band REMADA is operating with the tag line "music heals". Being that we're a music publication we aren't going to deny that for a second but in the case of REMADA and it's front man MATT DANIELS, music doesn't just heal. It seems to be the only way to go. REMADA is the brainchild of singer and songwriter MATT DANIELS and in the beginning with no band to accompany him on the road DANIELS took matters into his own hands and REMADA go it's start as a solo hip hop project within the Chicago music scene. s the crowds grew and the music began to resonate with folks REMADA grew from a one man operation into a full fledged band with a fierce hard rock sound which ended up seeing the light of day on their previous album A REALITY TO CHOKE UPON. Now, DANIELS promises that a new sound has been forged with the release of an upcoming EP and our first taste of it comes in the form of their blistering new single A BETTER TOMORROW. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Derek Davis - Rockwired Radio Profiles #692

Everyone wants drama in their rock n roll! That's natural. The story of a quick ascent, a record label signing and hopefully a hit song has to result in a fall because that's the way gravity works. BABYLON A.D. was a band that was signed to ARISTA (the late WHITNEY HOUSTON'S label) and had a bit of a hit with the single THE KID GOES WILD which was featured in the 1990 film ROBOCOP 2 and enjoyed heavy rotation on hard rock stations at the time. But one needs to remember that this was the late-eighties/early-nineties and grunge was just around the corner and the bombast of metal (or what some would call "hair metal") would soon be on the retreat. As would BABYLON A.D. But that didn't stop the band's charismatic front man DEREK DAVIS and in the long run time away form music helped BABYLON A.D. Not many bands from the past re-emerge with the original lineup intact. No drama here. Just music. And music is what is clearly what is first and foremost on the mind of DEREK DAVIS on his latest solo album REVOLUTIONARY SOUL which proves to be a significant departure from the sound created by BABYLON A.D. This time around DAVIS  kicks out a different kind of jam with a  full on R&B sound with touches of funk and hard rock. BABYLON A.D. may scratch their heads at first but this amazing set of songs (all produced and played by DAVIS himself)  will no doubt find a home on their i-pod shuffles. 


Doc Fell & Co - Rockwired Radio Profiles #691

Modern music is full of self-professed doctors or "docs". But in the case DOCFELL & CO, the title is more than mere clever moniker. You seem the band's front man JOHN FELL is a real doctor - a general practitioner based where Cherokee country meets the Ozark mountains in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Given his locale, it's hardly surprising the he and his band have taken up the pursuit of music which combines the rustic charms of Americana, Country and blues yet manages to sound contemporary as opposed to quaint. The band's latest EP DUST BOWL HEART is fueled by the very emptiness, loneliness and heartache that makes music of this sort resonate. LONESOMEVILLE opens like a depression era country-gospel recording yet finds it's footing as a country stomper that exhibits all of the lyrical characteristics of country music when you play it either forwards or backwards. In our humble opinion THE LESS I KNOW is the sort of thing that ought to be topping the Country music charts instead of whoever is at the top of it now. If you can get a bunch of active rock fans like us rooting for an outfit like DOCFELL & CO, then you've really done something.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chino XL and Rama Duke - Rockwired Radio Profiles #690

During my talk with hip hop artists CHINO XL and rocker RAMA DUKE, I got to thinking about the shaky relationship between rock n roll and hip hop and how we don't hear much of the cross pollination of the two genres of music anymore. Therefore it's been a delight to hear both CHINO and RAMA come together and generate some serious sparks with their take on the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS mainstay UNDER THE BRIDGE. It's hard for me to believe that it was 25 years ago that ANTHONY and FLEA and the rest of the CHILI PEPPERS dropped the somber ditty about alienation and finding one's sense of self in a world that has gone mad. Inspired by KIEDIS' battle with heroin addiction, UNDER THE BRIDGE has managed to stroke a broader meaning with listeners over the years and now CHINO and RAMA with the assist of GRAMMY winning producer JARED LEE GOSSELIN have molded this classic into a hard rocking, hip hop tour de force. Yes, new life has been blown into a classic that has hardly grown tiresome or trite with age but the real story for us is the coming together of these two formidable musical forces. In our interview with both CHINO and RAMA we were excited to learned that the chemistry between the two of them is still there. In fact the two of them, along with producer GOSSELIN, are currently working on a additional material for a new joint project called A BAD DAY FOR SORRY. In a time where rock and hip hop need each other more than ever, we've got to hand it to this dynamic duo for taking a stab at unity and putting out  a positive message. Not even our current president can claim that. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Rockwired Mixtape Show #2

ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE is pleased to announce the second edition of THE ROCKWIRED MIXTAPE SHOW featuring new music that has come out way from artists and bands from throughout North America. This edition features music from:



Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jason Andrew Brown - Rockwired Radio Profiles #689

Indianapolis-based singer-songwriter JASON ANDREW BROWN has just released his self-titled debut EP and it's a fantastic introduction to both the man and the artist but you must understand that this guy comes with one hell of a musical background. His tenure as a solo artist was begun in a coffee shop back in 2014 but before that he proved to be a formidable front man in the band PUSH DOWN & TURN in which he toured the country relentlessly and shared stages with the likes of COUNTING CROWS, BUSH, WIDESPREAD PANIC and THE BO DEANS. The band even had the opportunity to play on the H.O.R.D.E TOUR. When BROWN had gotten his fill of nonstop touring he turned his attention to forming his own band with fellow songwriter JAMES WESTON. That band was SEDNA and they carried on with BROWN int he command seat until 2014 where the fateful decision to do a solo set was made.  JASON ANDREW BROWN - the songwriter and performer both come to life on this shimmering debut EP where BROWN proves that he deft at conveying unbridled joy and abandoned without getting all sugary on the EP's opener SHINE SUN SHINE. At another turn he can paint a sorrowful, moving picture as he does on EMPTINESS IS FOREVER which deals with a friends suicide and on the final track ICARUS he gives us the chill off a lifetime as the song explores the last moments of a man jumping from the World Trade Center on 9/11. 


Monday, February 27, 2017

Race To Neptune - Rockwired Radio Profiles #688

All of the action of late seems to happening due North of where we are in Albuquerque.  Clearly when a State legalizes the use of recreational marijuana fin and exciting things happen. RACE TO NEPTUNE is not the first band from the Centennial State that we've profiled since the new year began which gives us reason to believe that there is something other than pot smoking going on just North of us. Of course our fondness for the band is due to the release of their gritty debut opus  OH CONTRAIRE and coming from folk who favor big riffs, interesting chord changes and  rhythms that change at a moments notice, we can safely say this is one of our favorite releases in this turbulent new year. It's hard to believe that this is only a debut and that speaks volumes of the musicality of this band. Whether they are re-living the alternative rock guitar glory days of bands like SMASHING PUMPKINS (IRON SATIRE), riding the killer wave of a surf rock riff (CONSTANT COLLAPSE) or kicking out the sort of souped up reggae-fied jams that made THE POLICE famous (CIGARS AND CELEBRATIONS), this band has it all covered.

Daphne Willis - Rockwired Radio Profiles #687

The title track of singer-songwriter DAPHNE WILLIS' forthcoming EP FREAK LIKES ME is built on a steady and confident soulful groove and WILLIS' vocal strut above the groove playfully and knowingly. Not only is  this song effortlessly catchy, it  serves as almost a response to the political upheaval that has taken place since you-know-who has assumed the highest of this Nation. It's practically a rallying call for those living on the outskirts who either go unnoticed or don't get noticed enough. Of course this is only a guess on our part. It could mean something else entirely but our interpretation has led us to believe that WILLIS' FREAKS LIKE ME is one of the most satisfying listens that we've come across so far this year. A professional songwriter based in Nashville, there's no doubt that WILLIS knows what it takes to create a song that will stand out but when you combine that sort of know-how with a need to express inner turmoil, then you've really got something and WILLIS has tons to say despite this newest effort being an EP. In addition, the songs DOPAMINE (about a different kind of drug entirely) and the haunting SOMEBODY'S SOMEONE are bound to find that wider audience.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Edge of Paradise - Rockwired Radio Profiles #686

THE EDGE OF PARADISE is one of those bands where we can truly say "we knew them when". We've always had a soft spot for this band as they were one of the first bands to make the cover and the contents of the premiere issue of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE back in May of 2012. Founded by guitarist DAVE BATES, the band made no secret of their desire to go big or go home with their Wagnerian debut album MASK featuring dynamic range and vocal prowess of the band's lead singer MARGARITA MONET. Since that time EDGE OF PARADISE has taken their larger-than-life sound to the internet and the road and lead singer MONET has come into her own as a captivating front woman with vocal know-how and stage presence to spare. Now the band is on the eve of releasing a brand new album titled ALIVE (due out March 10) and it finds these metal torchbearers taking on a more industrial sound as one can hear and feel on their brand new single. Knowing these guys as well as we do we've got a feeling this this bold new direction will pay off big time. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

District Avenue - Rock Is Red #28

The music industry is full of makeovers. The practice is all too often necessary for that band or artist that needs to prove to the world that they are a brand to be taken seriously. From my own perspective the band formerly known as KICKIN KROTCH was a band I always took seriously due tot heir embrace of the kind of balls-to-the-wall rock n roll onslaught that gets pushed aside for plaintive indie rock or the bragadociousness of today's hip hop. Yes, there was no thinking on our end that these guys lacked sincerity even if the band's moniker sounded like a bad case of epididymitis but what's in a name? Apparently quite a bit if this band of merry Maliseet rockers felt the need to change it and perhaps that was was the smart thing to do in these image conscious times. The new name DISTRICT AVENUE rolls off the tongue effortlessly with out the need to guard your groin area but more importantly this band is back with an exciting new album and an even more exciting single and music video. Their new album EPOCH is a thick slice of active rock heaven recorded at IGUANA STUDIOS and produced by VICTOR BRANCO. The albums first single - the aptly titled REVIVAL - sums up the band's musical agenda - blistering rock n roll with a sense of uplift. And don't get us started on the single's amazing CGI music video painstakingly directed by JAY MARKS. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Indigenous Music Awards - Rock Is Red #27

Funny that ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE should be singing the praises of another industry awards proceeding so soon after we wrapped up the proceedings for our reader's poll  but MANITO AHBEE's annual INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS means something to us as a publication. For years, the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS (formerly known as the ABORIGINAL PEOPLE'S CHOICE MUSIC AWARDS)  has done it up proper in terms of celebrating indigenous music makers on both sides of the Canadian border and this year it returns after a one year absence. In the latest edition of the ROCK IS RED podcast we speak with JACQUIE BLACK  of the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS and spin some tunes from first nations rockers DISTRICT AVENUE and RELIC KINGS but we would also like to use this opportunity to give American Indian and First Nations music artists the opportunity to submit their work for the chance to be nominated in the 2017 INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS which will be taking place MAY 19, 2017. All one has to do is click the link below and start submitting their work. Submissions will close FEBRUARY 16, 2017 so act fast. 


Mayve - Rockwired Radio Profiles #685

Just check out any music video from the 1980's on YOUTUBE and if you turn your attention to the comments section you will find raw, unrestrained and unrequited longing for the music that made the REAGAN era such over-the-top fun despite IRAN-CONTRA and trickle down economics. Hell, we've even got youngsters longing for a time that was "simpler" even though I doubt they could function in a time and space without the internet or i-phones. The Long Island, New York based band MAYVE brandish a sophisticated synth pop sound reminiscent of the new romantic fair that was all the rage in the early eighties from such acts as SPANDAU BALLET, DURAN DURAN and ROXY MUSIC's glossier output. In my interview with MAYVE's front man NICK MICHELINE, I probably should've asked what the draw was for him to create this melodic synth sound that brings to mind a giddy sense of familiarity for a guy my age but why look a gift horse in the mouth? MAYVE's new EP MOTION proudly shows what these electro-pop torch-bearers are capable of in the studio with such ambitious tracks as 1924 and the pulsating CRUEL INTENTIONS. With all of the embrace of synths and guitars, don't expect mere nostalgia on this fine release. 


Mark Reitenga - Rockwired Radio Profiles #684

We've stated before that we have a gentler side at ROCKWIRED and we don't mind letting people know about it when we come across an artist that ain't exactly one inspired by the heavier sounds of bands like BOBAFLEX or ZEROKING. Michigan-based singer-songwriter MARK REITENGA showcases a kinder, gentler and genteel style of of delivery and performance on his brand new EP UNSUNG but in no way does that mean that his music is benign. The opening bluesy, acoustic song DETROIT CITY BLUES speaks of a city in decay that deserves way more than the buzzard luck that it's been suffering in the past decade. ARE YOU WAITING is a whimsical ballad with a longing, yearning and anticipation that can be heard in every single note and ANGELS WATCHING OVER ME is probably one of the most joyous songs on the subject of divine intervention that we've heard since EURYTHMIC's THERE MUST BE AN ANGEL (PLAYING WITH MY HEART) without all of the cloying sweetness or a bunch studio wizardry. UNSUNG is pure and simple in a time when everything is crass and complicated and it's a welcome surprise. If you hear this guy in a coffee shop you're going to want to stick around and listen. 


Monday, January 30, 2017

Lucid Fly - Rockwired Radio Profiles #683

Lately the EP has been king in a musical environment where people want their music in easy to swallow snippets. Even some rather ambitious acts that have come ROCKWIRED's way have have been doing more with less by releasing EP's as opposed to LPs.  We're not ready to write off the LP as a dying art form and neither is the progressive rock band  LUCID FLY. After releasing a steady stream of EP's the band has released their first ever LP BUILDING CASTLES IN AIR.  The epic scope  and narrative that typifies progressive rock  has alwasy lent itself swell to the long play format and  LUCID FLY make excellent use of the time and space. The album's first single VISIONS OF GRANDEUR  sums up the trio's musical agenda with intricate guitar work. fevered yet measured drumming and multi-layered vocals artfully delivered by vocalist NIKKI LANE.  


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blood Of Angels - Rockwired Radio Profiles #682

What a difference three years and a couple of STAR WARS movies makes! Back in 2014 We first became acquainted with guitarist AARON ROBINSON when his band FORESHADOW was promoting their album STRANGER END OF DEATH. That band's take on death metal and old school thrash stood out by a mile or two from much of what gets called metal these days. At the very beginning of the promotion of their new album activity from the band seemed to lag and all of a sudden there was no FORESHADOW. From there AARON ROBINSON took it upon himself to become a little more ambitious with his music and find musicians who were committed to making the words and the motes on the page come to life and the resulting band is BLOOD OF ANGELS - a project that is determined to make heavy metal music and epic thing once again. We can hear and practically see the formation of something big on the band's debut EP RISE OF THE FALLEN GODS and the first single ODIN'S WRATH gives the band that glorious introduction that's going to have folks thinking and feeling that there is a new band out there that will propel heavy metal to the epic height once again.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Michael Hornbuckle - Rockwired Radio Profiles #681

When ROCKWIRED first became aware of the Mile High City blues rocker MICHAEL HORNBUCKLE it was through his brother BRIAN.  Back in 2014, the brothers HORNBUCKLE released a the album VICE AND VIRTUE which celebrated the blues rock know-how that has made them staples within the Denver music scene. Apparently the chance for these siblings to rock out together on a recording happens only once in a blue moon as the two are  often feverishly at work on solo projects. Now we find ourselves acquainted with brother MICHAEL whose blues rock delivery rocks just a little harder on his new solo release SOUL REPO. With the album's first single BABY ROCK, HORNBUCKLE shows he's got the sort of chops that made PAUL RODGERS a big deal in rock and the rest of the album is a fine showcase for a singer-songwriter and  ax-man  who is ready for a little more than regional fame.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Constant Harmony - Rockwired Radio Profiles #680

Rock bands with siblings are nothing new to ROCKWIRED but seldom do we come across a band where siblings make up the sum of the parts as they do with the Albuquerque-based trio CONSTANT HARMONY. Yes, we didn't have to look further than our own backyard for the subject of this latest edition of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES and CONSTANT HARMONY - comprised of brother LEE and sisters JENNY and LEE SILLERY - prove they've got enough primal rock n roll angst to move beyond the confines of the very spot that BUGS BUNNY didn't have enough sense to make a left turn out of. All Duke City references aside, CONSTANT HARMONY have released their brand new album PHONOLOGICAL ASSIMILIATION and it's filled with all of the sort of head banging rabble rousing abandon that gets ignored in today's indie rock environment. These hellcats have claws and fangs and they ain't afraid drawing a little blood (EAT THE RICH) or or sell their soul for rock n roll in the most volatile way (BLOOD MOON). Better than what Albuquerque deserves. 


Monday, January 9, 2017


We're kicking the proceedings off with the band from Denver who happen to be ROCKWIRED.COM's ARTIST OF THE MONTH. The band's free-form alt-rock style mixed with touches of funk elevate FLOAT LIKE A BUFFALO to dizzying heights above anyone else in indie rock at the moment. They may not float like butterflies but they pack a sting like you wouldn't believe.

We never said we were whizzes when it came to geography but isn't Pennsylvania above the Mason-Dixon Line? SCATTERED HAMLET's front man ADAM JOAD hails form there yet the band boasts some high voltage Southern rock mixed with a menacing metal sound.

The band and it's enigmatic front woman STEF WITH AN F have found their way onto the pages and the cover of the latest edition of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE. Their latest single CENSOR THIS has all of the bombast that we've come to expect from these pyromaniacal rockers but there is just enough pop sheen to suggest that these guys have bigger goals in mind for 2017.

This is a band that has had a  taste of the good life only to have it taken away because of a bunch record label bullshit. Now, after a regrouping they are back with an EP and a single that are all about a fighting spirit and keeping one's head held high.

A folk troubadour is probably the last thing you would expect to see and hear in the pages of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE but TIM HOULIHAN boasts a songwriting craft that is heartfelt and literate and it's proudly on display on his latest album ANOTHER ORION. Given the topsy turvy world that we're headed into with a new President, songs that convey the urgency of the human condition may be just what the doctor will be ordering in the next four years.

When we spoke to Russian-born JAY KATANA in a previous ediiton of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES, we were relieved to learn that the general populace of Russia isn't out to get us but we were a great deal more fascinated with his music which mixes the fury of heavy metal guitars with frenetic dance beats and a stark, gritty comic book side show. In this podcast we're pleased to give you at least half of the story.

Fronted by DAVE NARUSZEWICZ, formerly of HEART SET SELF DESTRUCT, VYCES is a band with a sound that was made with a great deal of love and care and an eagerness to get the rock n roll dream right. DEVILS is a superb little EP and has us eagerly awaiting a full length release from these guys in the year to come.

The State of Oklahoma doesn't seem a likely locale for a high energy punk band and the fellas from WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES would agree with that  assessment. However these guys are committed to making the impossible possible with a blistering EP filled with equally blistering tracks.

The second band on our playlist to hail from Denver and they're grasp on rock n roll will have you feeling like you never heard of the genre before.Yes, there take is that fresh. Their debut release is a celebration for sure and one htat we're betting will take them beyond the rocky borders of Colorado.

A certified blues mama if we ever saw one, PEACH has been a long time favorite here at ROCKWIRED. In 2007 she was the first to win our READER'S POLL AWARD for BEST FEMALE ARTIST  and now she is nominated in 2017 for the same category for her CD A NIGHT IN COPENHAGEN with THE ALMOST BLUES BAND. The lady has found herself musically and artistically in Europe and we're hoping for steadier output from here on out from one of our favorites gals.

Canada! Oh Canada! In the age of TRUMP  you are looking more enticing with each passing day.  Of course we here at ROCKWIRED have always loved your style and one of the bands to make the cut in the premiere edition of the ROCKWIRED MIXTAPE SHOW is the band CRAWL. They've released  their new EP THE CROCKFORD FILES and are packing a heavier punch sonically than ever before.

Okay so the Canadian love fest isn't quite over yet. DALI VAN GOGH was one of the first bands to be featured in the pages of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE in our first issue back in May of 2012. In  the interim, the band disbanded and DALI VAN GOGH brand became a record label with a few signings only to be sidetracked by their studio being destroyed by a fire. Out of the ashes came guitarists ISAAC KENT's resolve to get DALI VAN GOGH - the band - a second shot. We are eternally grateful. Check out our latest interview with the band in the pages of this issue.