Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mayve - Rockwired Radio Profiles #685

Just check out any music video from the 1980's on YOUTUBE and if you turn your attention to the comments section you will find raw, unrestrained and unrequited longing for the music that made the REAGAN era such over-the-top fun despite IRAN-CONTRA and trickle down economics. Hell, we've even got youngsters longing for a time that was "simpler" even though I doubt they could function in a time and space without the internet or i-phones. The Long Island, New York based band MAYVE brandish a sophisticated synth pop sound reminiscent of the new romantic fair that was all the rage in the early eighties from such acts as SPANDAU BALLET, DURAN DURAN and ROXY MUSIC's glossier output. In my interview with MAYVE's front man NICK MICHELINE, I probably should've asked what the draw was for him to create this melodic synth sound that brings to mind a giddy sense of familiarity for a guy my age but why look a gift horse in the mouth? MAYVE's new EP MOTION proudly shows what these electro-pop torch-bearers are capable of in the studio with such ambitious tracks as 1924 and the pulsating CRUEL INTENTIONS. With all of the embrace of synths and guitars, don't expect mere nostalgia on this fine release. 


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