Saturday, December 9, 2017

Rock Show #5 - Featuring music from Silvertung, Red Velvet Crush, Manhigh, Jangling Sparrows and Jacob Cade

Okay, we're at it again! With the absence of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE, we here at ROCKWIRED.COM are filling that void by re-launching our podcast series ROCK SHOW. Back in late-August, the show was launched as a means of complimenting our monthly magazine  by featuring music and interview excerpts from the bands who  have been featured on the site and the magazine. With ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE on an indefinite hiatus we felt it important to bring back ROCK SHOW as a weekly show featuring all new music and interview excerpts with the bands and artists behind the music. On the latest edition of ROCK SHOW, we feature music from SILVERTUNG, RED VELVET CRUSH, MANHIGH, JANGLING SPARROWS and JACOB CADE.