Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crooked Eye Tommy - Rockwired Radio Profiles #659

BUTTERFLIES & SNAKES - the debut album from CROOKED EYE TOMMY is garnering some favorable press as well as  nominations for the  DOC'S BLUES AWARD for BEST BAND and from the 2016 INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE for BEST SELF-PRODUCED CD. Sure the accolades are as blues-based as the sound but there is something more to  CROOKED EYE TOMMY than blues rooted rock n roll. It's brotherly love. Siblings TOMMY and PADDY MARSH were entranced by the sounds of RAY CHARLES and MUDDY WATERS as kids in the San Joaquin Valley. Artists such as these provided the foundation and the building blocks for the musical path that the brothers MARSH travel both separately and together. BUTTERFLIES & SNAKES is a culmination of years in music and going through all of the life's ups and downs - the very shit you just can't make up and CROOKED EYE TOMMY has the musicality and the know-how to make these tales of love and life transcend mere genre. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Todd Apfel | Rockwired Radio Profiles #658

Any story arc having to do with chasing the rock n roll dream usually ends in glory, tragedy or simply fading into obscurity and if fame and fortune weren't the things the hero of the story was able to walk away with then at least he or she had a bunch of memories they could share with whoever is kind enough to listen. TODD APFEL got on that road to rock n roll glory as the lead of a band that had toured much of the Midwest. His band had even shared the stage with CHEAP TRICK. While APFEL experienced the highs of performing in front of large crowds and rubbing elbows with folks more famous it wasn't long before the grind of a life on the road caught up with him and his band mates and the rock n roll life was ditched in favor or Corporate America. Upon retirement from the corporate world, APFEL settled in the small town of VINING with a populations of 50. While this sounds like the denouement of some rock n roll tale, it is actually where the story gets interesting. It is the small town setting where APFEL has found the very thing that has eluded him for years - inspiration. We first became acquainted with him on his debut EP REFLECTIONS and now his music takes a more biographical turn with the aptly titled EP ONE HORSE TOWN.


Shallow Side | Rockwired Radio Profiles #657


Rockwired Radio Profiles #657 - Shallow Side

For years SHALLOW SIDE has been a favorite here at ROCKWIRED with a tough-as-nails sound that has never had a problem going over well on any active rock radio format. They've managed to make a name for themselves on a sound that one can bang their head to while walking away a with a melody that can be hummed at the office cubicle or on the road but their new single REBEL is something else. Yes this one won't have any problems getting the airplay needed to take it and the band to where they need to go but something is different in the execution and delivery. After speaking with the band's front man ERIC BOATRIGHT, it's clear that the notion of rebellion and shaking things up is where the band is at with this new single and their upcoming album. And if anything needs shaking up these days, isn't it rock n roll - which everyone from GENE SIMMONS or that other schmuck from KISS is writing off as "dead". With much of the rock n roll audience firmly entrenched in playlists from  twenty years ago SHALLOW SIDE is taking a proactive stance in proving to the masses that rock n roll is still a force to be reckoned with. And so is SHALLOW SIDE.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #655 - The Ormewoods

Despite much of the hard rock and heavy metal that comes our way here at ROCKWIRED we have to admit that THE BEDROOM SESSIONS has got to be the most provocative title for an album that we have seen in a long time. And it comes to us from a folk duo in Atlanta. The debut release from THE ORMEWOODS was recorded in a bedroom proving once and for all that great albums can be recorded anywhere. In speaking with CLAIRE PEARSON and DON McCOLLISTER it was clear that when the production of the album shifted to an actual studio something would be lacking in both songwriting and performance. Thankfully they chose to keep it in the bedroom with this fine collection of songs that examine the highs and the lows of a romantic relationship. In particular the relationship between PEARSON and McCOLLISTER. THE ORMEWOODS is an exciting coming together of talent. CLAIRE PEARSONS' soul searing lyrics and delivery send the music to dizzying heights while the production smarts of  McCOLLISTER packs the very punch that has served acts such as SISTER HAZEL and SHAWN MULLINS so well and earned him two GRAMMY's for his handiwork behind the recording console. 


Rockwired Radio Profiles #654 - Jonathan Cavier

One doesn't think of a word like "refinement" when it comes to today's pop music but it was every where you looked back in the early half of the eighties with artists such as DURAN DURAN, BRYAN FERRY and SPANDAU BALLET. We could call it je ne sais quoi but the truth is we know exactly made artists such as these leap off of the TV screen and the stereo - style and pop smarts. JONATHAN CAVIER is an artist who has taken his queue from the chops of the artists that we have mentioned but don't think for a moment that his debut solo album PREMIER is some sort of obvious exercise in nostalgia. It isn't. In fact the former half of the atmospheric pop duo EYE TALK ( who used to go by the name ALAN CLARK) goes to great lengths to carve out his own musical identity starting with a new name and pop songs that eschew the obvious pop psychological heartache but instead embrace themes such as change and rebirth as he does on the album's shimmering first single JANUARY. so yes, JONATHAN CAVIER is refined as hell and PREMIER showcases a signature sound from an artist who will certainly go the distance.