Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #655 - The Ormewoods

Despite much of the hard rock and heavy metal that comes our way here at ROCKWIRED we have to admit that THE BEDROOM SESSIONS has got to be the most provocative title for an album that we have seen in a long time. And it comes to us from a folk duo in Atlanta. The debut release from THE ORMEWOODS was recorded in a bedroom proving once and for all that great albums can be recorded anywhere. In speaking with CLAIRE PEARSON and DON McCOLLISTER it was clear that when the production of the album shifted to an actual studio something would be lacking in both songwriting and performance. Thankfully they chose to keep it in the bedroom with this fine collection of songs that examine the highs and the lows of a romantic relationship. In particular the relationship between PEARSON and McCOLLISTER. THE ORMEWOODS is an exciting coming together of talent. CLAIRE PEARSONS' soul searing lyrics and delivery send the music to dizzying heights while the production smarts of  McCOLLISTER packs the very punch that has served acts such as SISTER HAZEL and SHAWN MULLINS so well and earned him two GRAMMY's for his handiwork behind the recording console. 


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