Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Highland Kites - Rockwired Radio Profiles #704

When we spoke with MARISSA LAMAR of HIGHLAND KITES, we asked her what she wanted people to come away with after they had heard the music on her band's latest release I'M NOT WEAK. To paraphrase her response, one of the points that she brought up was that she didn't want people to be brought down by her music, given the heavy themes that are on display within this mesmerizing EP. Given the execution of these songs, which recalls the haunting production and songcraft of works by DANIEL LANOIS and BRIAN ENO, it is hard for us to see the music reducing a listener to sobbing mess. We hear music that uplifts, and because of that I'M NOT WEAK is nothing short of a miracle. Music is more that just something to do for LAMAR. It was a means of survival. Music got her through the years she struggled against Lyme Disease and the struggle turned her into a songwriter with a confessional quality that is unparalleled. Damned if we can find a anything like HIGHLAND KITES in the current indie set, and that's a good thing. It makes the reward of discovering an EP like I'M NOT WEAK all the more sweeter. 


The Shrimps - Rockwired Radio Profiles #703

Let's face it. Indie music has come to mean music that is acoustic based and conveys a sense of longing and introspection. The term almost has nothing to do with the fact that the music is coming form a band that isn't signed to a major label. The subtlety of this sound is even used to push goods and services such as PANERA BREAD, SABRA and UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX. Yes, "indie music" has gone the way of "alternative rock" in terms of not meaning anything anymore, so when a duo like THE SHRIMPS is described as such, it does the duo and their music a massive disservice. This isn't introspective music. It's extroverted music! THE SHRIMPS are comprised of the brothers BENAJAMIN, and their musicality is proudly displayed on their new EP ABSTRACTS AND KEYWORDS. MARCUS and SIMON BENJAMIN take their queue from that other English songwriting partnership of LENNON and McCARTNEY and deliver songs that run deliver on melody, hook and that punchy lyric that proves to be elusive amongst the greater "indie rock" crowd. If you were ot hear these blokes in coffee shop. you'd put to your i-phone, stop your conversation with so and so and really give these guys a listen, and in the era of social media, that is really fucking doing something. 


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lullwater - Rockwired Radio Profiles #702

The recent passing of SOUNDGARDEN's CHRIS CORNELL has been a blow to the music industry and has left many asking 'why'? Unfortunately the phenomenon of charismatic front men from the Seattle area passing before their time is due has cast an eerie pall over a city famed for bringing back rock n roll's uncompromising edge. From the opposite end of the country (Atlanta, Georgia to be exact) is the band LULLWATER who have taken tremendous inspiration from the sounds of Seattle. Hell, the band even relocated to the Pacific Northwest and one can hear that inspiration on the band's previous efforts SILHOUETTE and REVIVAL. If their back catalog hasn't convinced you, than their forthcoming release SEATTLE SESSIONS will. Their embrace of the Seattle sound is worn proudly on the band's sleeve in this live recording where the band's cover of the PEARL JAM classic RELEASE. You can call this forthcoming EP a grunge tribute but LULLWATER manages to keep these solid performances raw and unflinching, on their own terms. 


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Uncommon Knowledge - Rock Is Red #31

The element of surprise is what keeps a publication like ours going, and we've got to say that the Martin, South Dakota - based heavy metal band UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE has indeed surprised the hell out of us with an electrifying live set that they had put on recently at the ALBUQUERQUE CENTER FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE. At the moment that band is on a tour throughout the Southwestern United States in promotion of their brand new single FALLEN STAR and while this series of shows is taking place in small venues, we feel that it is only a matter of time before the venues and the band become much bigger. UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE is a band made up of varying members of local South Dakota bands RAZOR CHAIN, NUCLEAR DECADENCE and LOST IN IRRELEVANCE. Together, these Lakota brothers-in-arms are determined to bring their brand of metal to the masses and leave a profound impression on listeners throughout Indian Country and beyond. 


Monday, May 29, 2017

Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers - Rockwired Radio Profiles #701

There are all kinds of professions that are keeping the music industry an industry. You've songwriters and  producers and the heads of independent record labels but none of those professions and business models would mean anything without the actual music makers creating the very thing that separates this industry from everything else. Before becoming the owner of  the indie label  RAVE ON RECORDS, FRANK MIGLIORELLI had written and recorded an extensive catalog of music used for advertising agencies, video game projects, children's publications and television. Eventually, MIGLIORELLI made that life altering decision to start writing music for himself  and after listening to FRANK MIGLIORELLI  & THE DIRT NAPPERS latest release BASS, DRUMS, GUITARS AND ORGANS, we are indeed grateful. The straight-ahead production and approach to rock n roll  showcases MIGLIORELLI's strength's as a songwriter in the vein of JOHN HIATT and the band's considerable chops.  The band's rhythm section is comprised of TONY TINO on bass, PHIL CIMINO on drums and ERIC PUENTE on percussion. Rounding out the sound are JEREMY BAUM on organ,  ANDY STACK and DUCAN CLEARLY on guitars, MIKE BOOKER HEAPHY on steel guitar and backing vocals but SHERRYL MARSHAL, STEVE CHIZMADIA and DAN PELLETIER. With such a wide cast of talent, BASS, DRUMS, GUITARS AND ORGANS brings rock n roll back to the days when it truly popped with melodies, hooks and a spirited delivery. Some things never should've gone out of style.  


Friday, May 5, 2017

Megan Flechaus - Rockwired Radio Profiles #700

Since we're on the subject of crazy, talented seventeen-year olds, we're going to be turning our attention to singer songwriter MEGAN FLECHAUS. As a publication, we've made mention of the fact that rock n roll is no longer the music of the day and that goes double for anything that can be described as folky an introspective but that in no way takes anything away from FLECHAUS' hard hitting new album NEW. Rather than go it alone,with just an acoustic guitar FLECHAUS brings a full band tot eh proceedings, elevating her knowing and heartfelt songcraft to some pretty rocking heights. 


Ray Goren - Rockwird Radio Profiles #699

Ah! A boy wonder who writes and plays every bloody instrument on his latest release! It sounds like a novelty these days but in the case of RAY GOREN, it's just the way that the seventeen year old whipper snapper does business. RAY is certainly no stranger to us here at ROCKWIRED. We practically heard this young man grow up before our very ears with a sound that spans gut bucket blues to all out rock n roll. The kid's musicality is a knowing one and has captured the ear of JIMI HENDRIX's legendary producer EDDIE KRAMER who continues to mentor this one-of-a-kind talent. One his newest  release FREE, GOREN widens his musical palette to include strong R&B and hip hop flourishes.