Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rock Is Red #16 - 2 8 Tha Native

Throughout much of the mainstream media, hip hop music is often portrayed as a big money grab with a little violence thrown in and and is almost never shown as a genre that can uplift. For a little more than twenty years now FISH MARTINEZ (Confederated Tribes of Siletz) has set out to create hip hop music that can bridge the gap between elders and youth and stave off of the temptations of gang – life for the native tradition and culture. His musical journey began in 1993 when he was asked to help organize a Youth and Elders Gathering in Eugene Oregon only to discover that he was expected to perform as a rapper for the event. With only two jams to his credit MARTINEZ (a.k.a. 2 8 THA NATIVE) began a career in music typified by positivity and cultural pride. All of that can be head on his first official solo release GLADES TO THE CASCADEZ where 2 8 THA NATIVE gets a little help form fellow rapper STRYK-9 and some invaluable production from LOST IN FABRIC. Despite years of building up his chops as a performer we get a sense that this is just the beginning for 2 8 THA NATIVE and we will certainly keep our eyes and ears opened for new material from this one-of-a-kind talent. 


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #606 - "Santa Claus Is Rockin" Performed By Bradley Gillis

Christmas is coming a little early here at ROCKWIRED. I know that nobody really likes being reminded that the Holiday Season is just around the frigging corner and about all of the sales that you need to be taking advantage of in time for Christmas but we're not selling anything. In fact what we have is news of a brand new Christmas single from recording artist BRADLEY GILLIS called SANTA CLAUS IS ROCKIN and if we do say so ourselves it's got us pretty jazzed about the coming yuletide season with the songs' big epic PHIL SPECTOR-esque production and scope complete with a children's choir, an orchestra and GILLIS' own assured, bad-boy croon. This is just what the Holidays need – something playful instead of syrupy. In this edition of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES we're breaking tradition and interviewing the executive producer of the project SIMON SHIRE. 


Friday, October 16, 2015

Rock Is Red #15 - Leah Shenandoah

We've profiled enough artists in our time to know that one has their whole lives to make their debut album and in the case of singer songwriter LEAH SHENANDOAH (Oneida Iroquois Wolf Clan) that journey began as a child under the tutelage of her mother - the pioneering recording artist JOANNE SHENANDOAH. Growing up LEAH has shared the stage as well as harmonies with her mother and before she knew it a seed was planted and had sought to create music of her very own. The results of those years of discovering new sounds and textures and honing her own voice have resulted in her 2014 album SPEKTRE - a stunning collection of songs that showcase LEAH as her own musical entity with emotional and musical range to spare.  LEAH's first outing as a solo artist has already earned her acclaim and a NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD for DEBUT ARTIST OF THE YEAR on the strength of SPEKTRE and is now setting her sights on a brand new album. Despite a lifetime filled with music, we get a strong sense that LEAH's musical journey is only beginning. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #605 - Trinadora

It's no secret by now that we here at ROCKWIRED like to crank up the volume and kick out the jams but every now and then we like sound that's a little more intimate and earnest. With the Americana duo TRINADORA we get a heavy serving of both intimacy and earnestness on their debut album TRINADORA SOUNDS. Comprised of RON HOLM on vocals and guitar and JANNIE NELSON on keys, vocals and ocarina (the oldest wind instrument in the world) TRINADORA creates a sound that cannot be easily labeled however many musical styles come to mind from jazz to folk to blues and just about everything within the spectrum from country and western to rock.  The Rockford, Illinois-based duo have garnered quite the following thanks to over two-hundred spirited live performances in the course of a year. While their dedication as professional  musicians is undeniable what ends up stealing the show is the songwriting and the tracks LIKE THE WATERS OF A BAYOU, IS IT TRUE? (where NELSON's vocals recall DOLLY PARTON) and SHOULD I SAY IT are the true standouts on a promising first offering from a formidable talent.