Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #605 - Trinadora

It's no secret by now that we here at ROCKWIRED like to crank up the volume and kick out the jams but every now and then we like sound that's a little more intimate and earnest. With the Americana duo TRINADORA we get a heavy serving of both intimacy and earnestness on their debut album TRINADORA SOUNDS. Comprised of RON HOLM on vocals and guitar and JANNIE NELSON on keys, vocals and ocarina (the oldest wind instrument in the world) TRINADORA creates a sound that cannot be easily labeled however many musical styles come to mind from jazz to folk to blues and just about everything within the spectrum from country and western to rock.  The Rockford, Illinois-based duo have garnered quite the following thanks to over two-hundred spirited live performances in the course of a year. While their dedication as professional  musicians is undeniable what ends up stealing the show is the songwriting and the tracks LIKE THE WATERS OF A BAYOU, IS IT TRUE? (where NELSON's vocals recall DOLLY PARTON) and SHOULD I SAY IT are the true standouts on a promising first offering from a formidable talent.

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