Monday, December 26, 2016

Mitch Hayes - Rockwired Radio Profiles #679

With the losses that we have suffered in music in the past year and a changing of the guard in terms of the U.S. Presidency, it is ROCKWIRED's theory that music with meaning will be making  comeback. That isn't to say that such music didn't exist. It was just slightly under the radar and featuring on the pages of this website if we may toot our own horn. We can hear such a music maker in singer songwriter MITCH HAYES on his latest album HEROES. While immersed in music as a youngster and as a young man playing in numerous bands, HAYES eventually took to the respectable route and sought a career in healthcare but the muse came calling at retirement age and HAYES has been chasing it ever since. HEROES marks a change in HAYES in a reach for wider recognition  and maybe even broader appeal. The song ALL FALL DOWN speaks of a society that has came undone by indifference and it's just one of the songs on this fine album that go form matters of the human condition to the intricacies of the human heart in a moment's notice. 


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Joey Stuckey - Rockwired Radio Profiles #678

There is this school of thought out there that suggests that music these days is a visual experience and should appeal to the eyes as well as the ears. But that argument never meant much to a guy like JOEY STUCKEY. Blind since the age of two, STUCKEY got lost in a world of sound which led him to a career in sound, music production and eventually - his own music. With eight albums behind him, it is indeed a rich experience to see STUCKEY set his song BLIND MAN DRIVIN' to a music video and funny one at that. In it our protagonist is in a dilemma. He's got to get some place, his UBER ride (we're assuming) flakes on him and he has to to resort to carjacking an SUV and from there hijinx ensues. Personally, I think he the woman could've given the guy a ride. Apart from the video, BLIND MAN DRIVIN' and is a punchy, driving blues rocker and is just one of the gems to be heard and felt on STUCKEY's new EP SIX STRING SOLDIER. STUCKEY's musicality and songwriting chops are right on point and puts him on the level of JOHN BONAMASSA and JOHN HIATT, especially on the mood, jangly rocker 10,000 MILES. 


Saturday, December 17, 2016

K.P. Wolfe - Rockwired Radio Profiles #677

Musically and culturally we're due for music that uplifts in a blunt and honest way and if we add a strong, raw, sultry voice to the equation then I'd have to say it's a bout damned time. K.P. WOLFE is just full of surprises on her debut EP EXODUS and believe us when we say that both the music and it's chanteuse sound just as epic and biblical as the title. WOLFE's voice is of the bluesy, soulful variety with a bit of a rock n roll bite. JANIS JOPLIN maybe the obvious comparison but  the woman's tendency to stick up for herself and stick it to a man who has done her wrong has more in common with the approach that has been paved by the likes of PINK and PAT BENATAR. The glorious title track is a proud march toward independence with one's head held high and WOLFE's soulful wail floating effortlessly above the proceedings. The song TAKE BACK THE RING is a power ballad that doesn't go for sentimentality but for self preservation. A little girl power never hurt anyone.


Alzara & Brother Spellbinder - Rockwired Radio Profiles #676

It's every band or artist's dream to be seen as something different and difficult to categorize but few acts - despite the seemingly infinite number of music acts that are out there - deserve to be seen in such a light as ALZARA & BROTHER SPELLBINDER. The unearthly combination of lead singer ALZARA GETZ's ethereal serenading and BROTHER SPELLBINDERS' acoustic charged folk-jazz approach is an alluring one. GETZ's musical tales of love, life and people in oh-so delicate stages and predicaments truly shine on the band's debut EP WHEN THE EARTH WAS STILL FLAT but then again such musicality on GETZ's part should come as no surprise given the fact that the woman was born into rock n roll. Her father - DAVE GETZ - was the drummer for BIG BAND AND THE HOLDING COMPANY. When you're a little girl who sleeps under "...her father's drum kit" as ALZARA said to us in our interview with her, then music clearly becomes something that you simply can't shake off. For years, ALZARA performed in a variety of bands in the Bay City Area  for years but eventually sense her own musical voice emerging. With the help of guitarist JAMIE WILSON to lend a little yang to GETZ's ying, BROTHER SPELLBINDER was born in 2012 and the band's artistry has been going strong ever since. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Rockwired Magazine's Editor's Choice Podcast Special | Part One

The first edition of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE'S EDITOR'S CHOICE podcast series features music and interviews with SILVERTUNG, SHALLOW SIDE, ETHAN 103, BAD MARY and LOVE & A .38.To help drum up some excitement for ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE'S EDITOR'S CHOICE issue on December 16, 2016, the magazine will be getting the fun started early with the production of a five part podcast series celebrating all 27 of the bands and artists who made 2016 so damn memorable. The five part podcast series will be hosted by ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE's Editor-In-Chief BRIAN LUSH and will feature music and exclusive interview excerpts with the artists who made the year rock. The limited-run podcast special will run from December 12 - 16 and will be available exclusively through ROCKWIRED.COM and i-TUNES. What a year it's been with a crazy election and everything else that is happening in the world. It's been an eventful one for ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE as well with our recent shift from being a monthly magazine to a publication that will be released once every two months. The first  issue of this new  release cycle will be issued on December 16, 2016 and will feature our eagerly anticipated EDITOR'S CHOICE list where ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE gives it up for  27 of the bands and artists who made the 2016 editorial calendar something to experience. A lot of love and care was put into this list and - as the editor - I feel that not a space was wasted. A truly exciting year has come to a close and we here at ROCKWIRED are anxious to celebrate the close of the year with  you in what is sure to be a truly exciting issue and podcast series.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Float Like A Buffalo - Rockwired Radio Profiles #675

It’s been a crazy couple years since the summer of 2014, when CORY PEARMAN (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and GARRET ACHTEN (percussion, backing vocals) - founders and core members of Denver based rock-funk-blues-folk powerhouse FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY - jammed out a few of CORY's acoustic tunes with a djembe and guitar in CORY's apartment. After countless creative differences, resulting personnel changes and stops and starts, they solidified their lineup in January 2016 with the addition of drummer PHIL PLECKHAM. This past year, they’ve become a non-stop machine, rocking their home region and beyond with the stylistic diversity of JACK WHITE and the fiery live energy of THE FOO FIGHTERS. With the release of their perfectly titled EP, the band - which also includes EVAN CRABDREE (lead guitar) and JASON CLUKIES (bass) from the band SHREDDING HEIGHTS – invites the world to follow their wild musical adventures and ENJOY THE RIDE. 
The band recorded the five tracks of ENJOY THE RIDE in two days at DECIBEL GARDEN STUDIOS in Denver, helped along by engineers SILAS MERA THOMASEN and EVERETT OKLAR. CORY penned the raucous title track in response to his girlfriend, who moved to Colorado from Southern California to be with him but was having second thoughts. It's crafty rhymes need a bit of clever deciphering but his core message makes for a great life philosophy: "You can let it go and enjoy the ride while there’s still time." Inspired by a botched attempt to tell her he loved her before midnight on New Year's Eve, the likewise spirited THIS MOMENT offers a similar seize the day philosophy: "When it feels just right, don’t let it slip away." Drawing on Cory’s acoustic roots, he was in full on retro MARTY ROBBINS mode when he wrote the bar-soaked singalong WHISKEY DREAM. The band's balance of harder rock edges and lush vocal harmonies is perfectly reflected on GARRETT'S jamming DR. ORDERS.