Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #553 - Bonz

When we spoke with BONZ - the former front man of STUCK MOJO - with regard to his band's forthcoming debut LP BROKEN SILENCE he stated that he wanted people to know that rap-rock isn't dead. Sure you get people ringing the death knell for rock n roll left and right and  you've got others saying that  rock n roll's death can't be called just yet. But is championing this last great musical fusion other than BONZ? Nobody. And that will suit BONZ just fine given the fact that the band's balls-to-the-wall new album will serve as a clarion call  for the survival of rap-rock.  BONZ and guitarist CURT TAYLOR are the brain trust behind the band's punchy sound  which is further punctuated by the bass slappage of DON LESLIE and the thunderous percussion of ERIN STAGG. The silence has indeed been broken and we at ROCKWIRED have had a taste of one of our first favorite recordings of 2015.  

Rockwired Radio Profiles #552 - Vajra

The story of VAJRA is so epic that it ought to be a movie. As a matter of fact in our interview with front woman ANNAMARIA PINNA we even suggest that she needs to start writing things down because we believe has box office gold with this kind of story. Despite an upbringing in classical music lessons, ANNAMARIA found herself working for a law firm as well questioning what her life was all about. The daughter of Indian immigrants ANNAMARIA left her job and returned to the homeland of her parents and went on the sort of soul search that makes for great cinema. What she found was inspiration for songwriting and  chose to return to the States to establish herself as a performer the likes of which we don't see too much of in the world of active rock. VAJRA's sound is an intoxicating mixture of  hard rock mixed with East Indian flourishes and the band's live performances are getting raves for ANNAMARIA's mesmerizing stage presence which elevates the average band performance to something spiritual. VAJRA is in the process of working on new music to be released later this year and we can't wait to see how this already epic story is going to unfold.  


Rockwired Radio Profiles #551 - Beitthemeans

Okay so MARBLE CITY SECRETS ARE OFF IN THE BLACK  ain't the snappiest title in the world. As a matter of fact the curious title is just as curious as the moniker of this power trio hailing from Alabama but they have released some thing that you don't hear a lot of any more amongst the current active rock set - good old fashioned storytelling. Yes we've got a concept album on our hands - one that explores the corruption and the secrets that plague the titular Marble City. Front man and primary songwriter JOSH JONES combines the intrigue of TENESSEE WILLIAMS with the kind of grunge-inspired fracas that made ALICE IN CHAINS and SOUNDGARDEN the rock legends that they are today. But keep in mind that there is nothing nostalgic about BEITTHEMEANS but it is refreshing to hear actual subject matter being brought back into rock music.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #550 - City of the Weak

With  crazy eye makeup that could put CHRISSIE HYNDE to shame and the biggest , wildest hair this side of DALE BOZZIO and the fiercest battle cry in rock since PAT BENATAR's hey day - why the hell didn't we get  this band from the beginning?  Yes, CITY OF THE WEAK is  our idea of a dream band  complete with a mega-charismatic front woman and  a band that knows their shit from whatever the latest brand of shinola is on the market.  The band made their  debut in 2013 with the release of their EP  WHITE FIRE ALARM  and it's propulsive title track.  In 2014 they released their follow up DISCLOSURE and now the band is getting some serious attention for their latest single and video for JUST ANOTHER EULOGY.  We don't have enough fingers to count the times that we have lost  some of our  more rocking dames in the name of dance music or a softer more consensus sound and it is our genuine wish that STEF WITH AN F and the boys will stay the course and not go gently into that good night.  

Rockwired Radio Profiles #549 - Claire London

After listening to the mesmerizing electro pop of CLAIRE LONDON, you wouldn't think that this promising young artist was once a fan of more conventional pop offerings from more conventional pop artists such as MARIAH CAREY. But like all of us she grew up and cultivated a more refined musical palate which includes the likes of DEPECHE MODE, NINE INCH NAILS and the moody trip hop of PORTISHEAD. With some guidance from producer ROBERT LUX all of LONDON's musical influences can be heard on her latest EP HIT THE SWITCH but the listener gets something more - CLAIRE LONDON herself. The young singer's sturdy contralto soars effortlessly over LUX's electronic soundscapes in the same way as ANNIE LENNOX's did back in her EURYTHMICS days. LONDON's 2011 debut album LIKE A MACHINE proved that she could issue a cold electronic howl as good as REZNOR himself but HIT THE SWITCH proves that there is a heartbeat beneath all of the electronic luster. That's a damn good thing!  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #548 - Joseph Pagano

You can call JOSEPH PAGANO's debut EP GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS a  CD that was a lifetime in the making. The road to rock n roll glory was paved early on when his high school band JUNIOR'S FARM won a BEATLES sound-a-like contest at BEATLEFEST. From there the kid had a knack coming into contact and striking up conversations with such rock n roll luminaries as STEVE MILLER, DURAN DURAN's ANDY TAYLOR, GARTH HUDSON of  THE BAND and ROB HALFORD of JUDAS PRIEST.  However it was a meeting with jazz guitar legend STANLEY JORDAN who inspired PAGANO to let the world in on his solo work.  Equally inspired by the MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE through the BERKLEE ONLINE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS is a heart-on-the-sleeve rock album that mixes storytelling with fine songcraft.