Friday, July 24, 2015

Rock Is Red #12 - Ghost Town Orchestra

The lead singer of an rock band is integral to the image of that band and any stepping into that position when a charismatic front man is vacated or vacates that position will learn fast what an unenviable position it is. In the case of VICTOR MARTISIUS, it is a chance to move forward after the acrimonious departure of former lead singer LOGAN STAATS and continue to give the people what they've come to expect from the band GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA - blistering rock n roll and an electrifying live set. "You just keep working hard and keep honing your craft" says MARTISIUS. "We go to band practice every Tuesday and every Thursday and we think it's the best thing ever and it reflects in the tunes because the tunes are getting a little more edgy. A little more funky and a little more fun. A little more adventurous. A little more heavy. These are the things that keep us going. We've got to make sure that we do everyone proud. We play this for us but its' not just about us. There is a crowd of a hundred people in front of us and there is only three of us onstage now. We're outnumbered. There's a reason why we want to work so hard because everyone who comes out to see us to cheer us on we want to make sure that we do them proud." In speaking with MARTISIUS, the departure of STAATS still pains him as you'll hear inteh interview but any resentment is tempered by the success the band still continues to enjoy. Especially with their recent nomination by the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS for BEST BAND and BEST ENGINEER/PRODUCER. 


Rock Is Red #11 - Logan Staats

What is rock n roll without a little drama? The premiere edition of ROCK IS RED MAGAZINE boasted that bomb-ass photo by DARKO of First Nations rockers GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA who were still high from their win at the ABORIGINAL PEOPLES CHOICE MUSIC AWARDS (now called the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS) for BEST ROCK BAND. Who better to have featured on our debut cover? Within minutes of circulating the premiere issue in May of 2015, We received an instant message from front man LOGAN STAATS informing us that he was no longer with the band. It was a hell of a way for us to launch our new magazine but the tensions that have driven STAATS out of the front man position of GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA and the tensions that have arisen since his departure between him, the band and the record label have made for one hell of a rock n roll blowout. Yet despite the drama, LOGAN STAATS is making his voice heard as a solo artist with the release of his solo album GOODBYE GOLDIA - a stripped down acoustic affair that highlights STAATS' raspy howl and haunted prose. 


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rock Is Red #10 - Scatter Their Own

There is no business model quite like that of a rock n roll band. There is no guarantee that money is going to come through or that an audience is going to show up for a performance. And on the creative and performance fronts egos can become fragile. For years we've followed SCATTER THEIR OWN and have marveled at the fact that band has remained resilient in a musical environment where music doesn't make money and rock n roll isn't quite the music of the day. The strength of this band lies in the creative and romantic bond of it's creative nucleus SCOTTI and JULIANA CLIFFORD. SCATTER THEIR OWN is a family affair where music comes before ego. Since the band first came onto the scene in 2013, SCATTER THEIR OWN have become media darlings throughout Indian Country and beyond on the strength of their music and JULIANA's camera readiness (check out the cover of the latest edition of NATIVE MAX MAGAZINE). The band's straight ahead rock sound has earned them a loyal following throughout the U.S. and beyond so it's no surprise that their debut album TASTE THE TIME is now nominated for the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARD for BEST ROCK ALBUM. Despite the nomination the Oglala Lakota couple know that there is work to be done with a series of upcoming shows as well as the follow up their stellar debut.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #587 - Sate

Sometimes all you have to do is hear something once and you know right away that you have to jump on it. It was simply a random TWITTER session that led us to finding SATE - an electrifying soul rock artist based in Toronto, Ontario with a voice, a stage presence and a sound that is bigger and badder than anything we've seen or heard in a while. Oh and the music is one hell of a roller coaster ride. With the assist of producer TOM MCKAY and some of the grittiest, rockingest, funkiest players around since IKE AND TINA's rhythm section SATE (formerly known as SAIDAH BABA TALIBAH) has created a fierce musical identity that is thirsty for blood and eager to take on this tired old music industry on her own terms. To precede the release of her forthcoming debut album SATE has released three EPs - curiously titled RED, BLACK and BLUE -  exclusively through PLEDGEMUSIC.COM where listeners will get a chance to pick what songs will make it onto the official CD release. Those who say rock n roll is dead are about to get a good shaking up. 


Rock Is Red #9 - Dawn Karima

It's not all that common for gospel music to be featured here on ROCKWIRED and it's even less common that we get to to profiles people that are in the same business that we're in - online radio. DAWN KARIMA - or DR. DAWN KARIMA PETTIGREW to you - is the author of two novels, THE WAY WE MAKE SENSE and THE MARRIAGE OF SAINTS and co-author of CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY READ and is the host of the online radio show A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA which is available through TALKTAINMENT RADIO. Outside of these rather exciting ventures this Creek/Cherokee juggernaut has made her voice known in song as well. He debut album THE WORSHIP OF ANGELS was a winner at the NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS in 2013 for BEST GOSPEL/INSPIRATIONAL CD now she's back with her follow up CD THE STARS OF HEAVEN which boasts an all-star cast of performers such as N-DON, LITO and SAINT MIKE. Not surprisingly, this fresh and vibrant set of songs is nominated for the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARD for BEST GOSPEL CD. 


Friday, July 17, 2015

Rock Is Red #8 - ND 22

To find a native rock band that embraces that straight ahead hard rock sound ROCK IS RED has traditionally had to look above the U.S./Canadian border. The Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation on North Dakota is merely a hop skip and a jump from Canada and it's home to the band ND 22 whose bombastic heavy metal sound boasts a strong blues-based sensibility. Formed in 2013,  the band - comprised of KEITH BIG CROW on guitars, vocalist TOMMY NELSON, IAN NELSON on drums, KODY FOX on guitar and JOSH RED FEATHER-RAMIREZ - cut their teeth musically in numerous bars an casino lounges. They've taken their electrifying live show beyond the the Dakotas and their original material is due for an official release. The tracks that have us the most exciting are the rapturous rock anthems 66, 44 TO THE 5 and SOMEWHERE. 


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #586 - Glamour Assassins

Connecticut is not a locale that one equates with anything that is happening in music yet it was JARED SAVAS of the electro pop band GLAMOUR ASSASSINS that pointed out to me that the Nutmeg State was the launching ground for acts as far apart as HATEBREED and JOHN MAYER. In time people will add GLAMOUR ASSASSINS as that State's favorite sons and daughters for their ambitious sound that combines the alienation of electronica with the straightforward approach of four to the floor rock n roll. That sound is in abundance on the band's album AIN'T SO YOUNG - a spunky collection of modern pop songs that celebrate the highs and lows of love and life. The stand out tracks include the ecclesiastic opener THE DAY ROCK N ROLL DIED and the pulsating stomper PHANTOM OF THE DISCO.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rock Is Red #7 - Casper And The Mighty 602 Band

After almost twenty years in the music business CASPER LOMAYESVA (Hopi) knows not rush a good thing. He and his band THE MIGHTY 602 pretty much have their seventh studio album ELEMENTAL in the can  but have decided to wait till the first quarter of 2016 to release the album in all of it's glory. But that doesn't mean that we aren't privy to couple of tracks of the album such as  APON THE RIDGE and  FOR ALL THE CHILDREN  both of which offer up that irresistible groove and positive message that have become CASPER's brand and trademark.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #585 - Revel 9

Back in 2011, REVEL 9 made a huge impression on our listeners with the release of their album THE RAZORBLADE DIARIES. Outside of  ROCKWIRED's  listenership that band's sound and live show which recalls the blistering sounds of  CHEVELLE,  SEVENDUST and THE DEFTONES has earned them a massive following beyond their Long Island, New York base to the greater East Coast Shoreline and beyond. Four years onward and armed with a brand new band frontman DJ PEARLMAN and REVEL 9 have maintained the momentum establushed by their previous release but have cranked things up a notch with their latest release THE REALITY CRUSH  which boasts the tracks THE GOOD FIGHT - a gritty dedication to our troops - as well as QUIETMIND and SENSELESS TRAGEDY. 


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #584 - Acidic

In the early days of the ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES podcast, the band ACIDIC was one of the first bands to elicit a strong, positive reaction from our listeners. Needless to say we took a liking to this young band  who served up the goods on their debut album GETTING LUCKY. If there is anything that rock n roll needs right now, it's bands that maintain that steady course to rock n roll glory no matter what the obstacles and ACIDIC has done just that with three albums and an electrifying live set  that they have taken all over the country. The band's third album CREATURES is their most ambitious to date  with the bands natural hard rock inclination melding flawlessly with electronic flourishes. 


Rockwired Radio Profiles #583 - Finger Eleven

Given the fickle nature of the music industry these days, five years is a long time to go without releasing anything new. FINGER ELEVEN truly came to prominence in 2007 on the strength of their single PARALYZER from their fifth album  THEM vs. YOU  vs. ME which was followed up by the JUNO AWARD nominated album LIFE TURNS ELECTRIC in 2010. Five years later the band has released the album FIVE CROOKED LINES and trust us when we say that no momentum has been lost and not a beat has been skipped. Their  smashing new single WOLVES AND DOORS is proof of this. According to the bands lead guitarist JAMES BLACK : "We spent that time making this record. As a band we've been together about twenty-two or twenty-three years now. After a while we have five ingredients and you're trying to make a different soup everyday. It's like how can you make something new with it. We didn't want to be on autopilot. We stopped for a second and and regrouped and decided to make an album that sounded like what we wanted to do and not what we are effortlessly doing. Part of changing things up involved dismantling the lineup and getting rid of our drummer and going back to ground zero." 

Rockwired Radio Profiles #582 - Michael Grimm

With the advent of reality TV there have been more overnight sensations than there have ever been.  It would've been all to easy to dismiss MICHAEL GRIMM - the 2010 winner of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - as a mere "overnight" but the fact is the guy had been performing live and recording music for an entire decade before walking away with the million dollar prize and a shot at recording with a major label.  Music was always in his blood and four years after his shot with a major label MICHAEL is back on his own terms with the independently produced album GRIMM which cleverly showcases the singer songwriter's fondness for rock and soul. The stand out tracks on this standout collection include the first single GENERATION NEXT, SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY and BLACK AND WHITE.