Monday, July 13, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #585 - Revel 9

Back in 2011, REVEL 9 made a huge impression on our listeners with the release of their album THE RAZORBLADE DIARIES. Outside of  ROCKWIRED's  listenership that band's sound and live show which recalls the blistering sounds of  CHEVELLE,  SEVENDUST and THE DEFTONES has earned them a massive following beyond their Long Island, New York base to the greater East Coast Shoreline and beyond. Four years onward and armed with a brand new band frontman DJ PEARLMAN and REVEL 9 have maintained the momentum establushed by their previous release but have cranked things up a notch with their latest release THE REALITY CRUSH  which boasts the tracks THE GOOD FIGHT - a gritty dedication to our troops - as well as QUIETMIND and SENSELESS TRAGEDY. 


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