Friday, July 24, 2015

Rock Is Red #11 - Logan Staats

What is rock n roll without a little drama? The premiere edition of ROCK IS RED MAGAZINE boasted that bomb-ass photo by DARKO of First Nations rockers GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA who were still high from their win at the ABORIGINAL PEOPLES CHOICE MUSIC AWARDS (now called the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS) for BEST ROCK BAND. Who better to have featured on our debut cover? Within minutes of circulating the premiere issue in May of 2015, We received an instant message from front man LOGAN STAATS informing us that he was no longer with the band. It was a hell of a way for us to launch our new magazine but the tensions that have driven STAATS out of the front man position of GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA and the tensions that have arisen since his departure between him, the band and the record label have made for one hell of a rock n roll blowout. Yet despite the drama, LOGAN STAATS is making his voice heard as a solo artist with the release of his solo album GOODBYE GOLDIA - a stripped down acoustic affair that highlights STAATS' raspy howl and haunted prose. 


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