Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #593 - Rachel and the Ruckus

Many will make distinctions between country music and blues but for the band RACHEL AND THE RUCKUS, it's all rock n roll to them. The Denver-based band fronted by lead singer RACHEL ALENA have just released their self-titled debut EP and the sparkling results of their labor in the studio  should have no problem finding their way onto most radio formats. Sure, there  maybe a trend in music now where a rustic sound is appreciated but RACHEL AND THE RUCKUS  take a down home and dirty sensibility and give it an irresistible rock n roll backbeat while RACHEL ALENA's full throated delivery gives the material that little extra push. The standout tracks here are the rockers BOUNCE, DANCING WITH THE DEVIL and ROMEO. 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #592 - Impending Lies

It seems as if rock n roll is fueled by false starts and plans that never see their way through to fruition. But that never stops anyone from wanting to achieve that ever elusive glory that the genre has promised many a young man or woman for more than half a century now. Vocalist MATT HAYES and guitarist JAMES SKRTICH were kicking up some sand  in their local Cleveland, Ohio with their band RIKETS. Years after that band's demise HAYES and SKRTICH teamed up again in attempt to recapture some of the magic of their early ventures in music. By forming the band IMPENDING LIES, they've done one better by combining their natural heavy metal know-how with some modern electronic flourishes. The electrifying results can be heard on their latest EP BELIEVE which features the formidable rockers LET GO, the blazing title track and a spirited cover of the JOURNEY classic SEPARATE WAYS. Assisting the band behind the recording console is CHIMAIRA guitarist ROB ARNOLD. 


Friday, August 14, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #591 - Bri Ingram

With just six songs, BRI INGRAM takes the listener on a whirlwind journey of emotion, heartache, and newfound determination to move on with life and all of it's ups and downs on her EP I AM. Combining a jangly country and western-styled charm with a down and dirty blues and soul delivery, INGRAM has developed a strong musical identity with a little help from her co-songwriting and production team of DAVIDE RASO and OWEN SARTORI. You wouldn't think that a whole life story could be told in the space of six songs but INGRAM has managed to do so here. CAN'T EVEN CRY is a moody exploration into loneliness that rewards the listener with some of the punchiest, observational lyrics that we have heard this side of AIMEE MANN's BACHELOR #2. SAVE ME is an epic plead for a salvation in a world that is all too eager to chew you up and spit you out. INGRAM delivers the soulful ballad with a flawless reading that recalls DUSTY SPRINGFIELD legendary Memphis sessions. BELLY OF THE BEAST is the true knock out moment of the EP with it's frantic bluesy romp detailing INGRAM's winding musical journey. Thankfully that journey is nowhere near over. I AM is a stylish offering form a talent that we'll be hearing more from in the years to come.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #590 - Joseph Pagano

JOSEPH PAGANO first came onto ROCKWIRED's radar a few months back with the release of his EP  GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS. On that recording he boasted JOHN LENNON-styled songwriting chops mixed with a curious vocal styling that found it's way somewhere in between NEIL YOUNG and WAYNE COYNE of THE FLAMING LIPS. The stand out from that EP was the live recording of the lighter-waving ballad CANDLES HOPE AND FAITH. On his latest EP release TIME AND COLORS CANDLES HOPE AND FAITH gets the full studio treatment but this time it's far from the best track on the CD. PAGANO has come a long way in the short amount of time since his last release and the evidence can be found on the haunting title track. He even manages to show a grittier side with two stomping roots rockers LIFE IN A BAG and 16 OTHER WAYS - a song that could find a snug a comfortable place between JOHN HIATT and SHEL SILVERSTEIN.   


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #589 - Murder FM

Born and bred in Dallas,TX, MURDER FM was formed as an outlet for the frustrated youth spent writing music in the dark dusty corners of Texas. Following independent success with singles supported with domestic and international touring, MURDER FM perfected their sound and stage presence.  Their rising success was based largely in part by their shocking and elaborate videos which received much attention and impressive view numbers on YOUTUBE. The band also gained lots of positive international press which carried over to The States and led to supporting slots with ROB ZOMBIE, DEFTONES, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, POP EVIL and many more. With a full length LP in tow, MURDER FM are set to release their passion and unique brand of Rock/Industrial style Metal to the world.

Rockwired Radio Profiles #588 - Gabe Close

An exciting new voice in the indie Americana world, Louisville singer/songwriter GABE CLOSE can pinpoint a host of powerful influences that have driven the development of his uniquely diverse sound and compelling, thought provoking lyrical themes. After leaning towards the blues on his previous recordings LEARNING TO WAIT FOR THE DAWN (2010) and SOUNDS FOR AN OLD SOUL (2013), he’s taking a powerful mixed acoustic-electric approach – with some songs stripped down, others dynamically produced – on his latest six track EP LEAVE THAT LIGHT ON. Concurrently developing his chops as a producer, GABE n his previous projects – a total of two years – and get the musicians and sound he felt like each song deserved. The energetic, acoustic driven WEARY WIND – a semi-love song about leaving all you’ve known for what you believe will be a better life – benefits from the beautiful vocals of Louisville singer MOLLY GREER. While the provocative LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN – a hard hitting look at the evils of men to who turn to domestic violence – achieves its emotional intimacy via a gentle acoustic guitar accompaniment, other tunes like EVERYTHING REMINDS ME OF YOU (a heartfelt song inspired by friends who had suffered the loss of loved ones) and CRIPPLING WEIGHT are powerhouse productions featuring a horn section, organ and sax solos by MUSCLE SHOALS veteran RONNIE EADS.