Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #588 - Gabe Close

An exciting new voice in the indie Americana world, Louisville singer/songwriter GABE CLOSE can pinpoint a host of powerful influences that have driven the development of his uniquely diverse sound and compelling, thought provoking lyrical themes. After leaning towards the blues on his previous recordings LEARNING TO WAIT FOR THE DAWN (2010) and SOUNDS FOR AN OLD SOUL (2013), he’s taking a powerful mixed acoustic-electric approach – with some songs stripped down, others dynamically produced – on his latest six track EP LEAVE THAT LIGHT ON. Concurrently developing his chops as a producer, GABE n his previous projects – a total of two years – and get the musicians and sound he felt like each song deserved. The energetic, acoustic driven WEARY WIND – a semi-love song about leaving all you’ve known for what you believe will be a better life – benefits from the beautiful vocals of Louisville singer MOLLY GREER. While the provocative LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN – a hard hitting look at the evils of men to who turn to domestic violence – achieves its emotional intimacy via a gentle acoustic guitar accompaniment, other tunes like EVERYTHING REMINDS ME OF YOU (a heartfelt song inspired by friends who had suffered the loss of loved ones) and CRIPPLING WEIGHT are powerhouse productions featuring a horn section, organ and sax solos by MUSCLE SHOALS veteran RONNIE EADS.


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