Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #593 - Rachel and the Ruckus

Many will make distinctions between country music and blues but for the band RACHEL AND THE RUCKUS, it's all rock n roll to them. The Denver-based band fronted by lead singer RACHEL ALENA have just released their self-titled debut EP and the sparkling results of their labor in the studio  should have no problem finding their way onto most radio formats. Sure, there  maybe a trend in music now where a rustic sound is appreciated but RACHEL AND THE RUCKUS  take a down home and dirty sensibility and give it an irresistible rock n roll backbeat while RACHEL ALENA's full throated delivery gives the material that little extra push. The standout tracks here are the rockers BOUNCE, DANCING WITH THE DEVIL and ROMEO. 


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