Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soles Of Passion - Rockwired Radio Profiles #663

In the days following the first Presidential Debate of this most brutal election year the good ol' U.S. of A seems to be on more shakier ground than ever and what better music to serve as a soundtrack to these delicate times than the progressive country rock stylings of SOLES OF PASSION. Sure their stance is a little harder than what we favor but what excites us about the music of this dynamic duo is a need to shake things up. When was the last time rock n roll ever did that. BUMP  ME UP is the duo's latest offering and the driving rhythms that propelled their previous release ESCAPE FOR JURISDICTION B a few months ago pound even louder herewith ecclesiastic guitar licks and symphonic flourishes which add finesse and pop smarts to such songs as the title track, HOLD ON and ON MY OWN. This this new release SOLES OF PASSION sound more committed than before and musicians with a message. 


Monday, September 26, 2016

Sonic Syndicate - Rockwired Radio Profiles #662

When the latest release in a long catalog of music comes off like a new lease on life, it's almost more exciting than a debut album. This is the case with SONIC SYNDICATE and their forthcoming album CONFESSIONS due out October 14, 2016 on DESPOTZ RECORDS. the band is back after a long period of silence. The successful band from Falkenberg, Sweden was unexpected;y dropped by the label NUCLEAR BLAST and was forced to reconsider their situation. The crisis forced the band to change it's course significantly and they took the chance to record their most daring album yet. This time the band members took a deeper look into themselves which has led to some changes in their sound. Ont he new album SONIC SYNDICATE lets the listener take par tint heir vulnerability through total uncompromising honesty in their songwriting and sound. Aware that the band's "new start" may cause listeners to raise their eyebrows the band does not fear the changes nor the future. 

Rick Shaffer - Rockwired Radio Profiles #661

Back in 2011, guitarist RICK SHAFFER perked our ears at ROCKWIRED with the release of his solo album HIDDEN CHARMS and it's reliance on the very fuzzy, distorted guitar sounds that made LINK WRAY legendary, the swagger that made THE STONES the big deal that they've been for fifty some odd years now and SHAFFER's purring vocals that recall STOOGES-era IGGY POP and VELVET UNDERGROUND-era LOU REED. Trust us when we say that no charms were hidden on that album. It was all audible and the perfect antidote to much of the over-production that had come to typify a lot of rock music that year. Hell, over-production still typifies much of the rock n roll that's out there now and thank God SHAFFER is back with a brand new album OUTSIDE OF TIME. SHAFFER's gritty rock n roll approach gets put to good use on material that speaks to life and lows (mostly lows) such as the stomping first single GOING DOWN SLOW accompanied by a mesmerizing music video. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Angus Crowne & The Family Jewels - Rockwired Radio Profiles #660

Anyone who can pen a song damning the "man bun" is all right with us and ANGUS CROWNE and his band THE FAMILY JEWELS serves up such vitriol on his band's self-titled debut album. Aside from attacking a hairstyle that makes men look like "...a girl named Chloe" ANGUS and his band take on the trials and tribulations that go along with wanting to be who you are in a world that seems to overlook individuality or the need for self-expression as demonstrated on the tracks PAYCHECK, LOUNGE DOG, PUKING and a delightful take on HOAGY CARMICHAEL'S HEART AND SOUL. A man of many talents, CROWNE came to music following a multi-faceted creative career that included work as an author, screenwriter, playwright, theatrical producer, concert producer (BOY GEORGE, QUEEN), ran two prominent Los Angeles clubs, founder of the vaudeville inspired SEEDLING ACTING COMPANY in Rhode Island and performing in over 500 theatrical shows across the country. With his band THE FAMILY JEWELS, CROWNE has created sound that marries the melodic, amiable sounds of the ukelele with punk music. “Blend those two together and it emerges naturally as rockabilly with a little country in it,” Angus says. “It’s a new genre – mine. My music is ultimately about honesty and truth. And if I get to piss a few people off along the way, then my work here is done! The album is about where I am in my life right now. It’s about getting older, wiser, but at times feeling frustrated and bitter.”