Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soles Of Passion - Rockwired Radio Profiles #663

In the days following the first Presidential Debate of this most brutal election year the good ol' U.S. of A seems to be on more shakier ground than ever and what better music to serve as a soundtrack to these delicate times than the progressive country rock stylings of SOLES OF PASSION. Sure their stance is a little harder than what we favor but what excites us about the music of this dynamic duo is a need to shake things up. When was the last time rock n roll ever did that. BUMP  ME UP is the duo's latest offering and the driving rhythms that propelled their previous release ESCAPE FOR JURISDICTION B a few months ago pound even louder herewith ecclesiastic guitar licks and symphonic flourishes which add finesse and pop smarts to such songs as the title track, HOLD ON and ON MY OWN. This this new release SOLES OF PASSION sound more committed than before and musicians with a message. 


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