Monday, September 26, 2016

Rick Shaffer - Rockwired Radio Profiles #661

Back in 2011, guitarist RICK SHAFFER perked our ears at ROCKWIRED with the release of his solo album HIDDEN CHARMS and it's reliance on the very fuzzy, distorted guitar sounds that made LINK WRAY legendary, the swagger that made THE STONES the big deal that they've been for fifty some odd years now and SHAFFER's purring vocals that recall STOOGES-era IGGY POP and VELVET UNDERGROUND-era LOU REED. Trust us when we say that no charms were hidden on that album. It was all audible and the perfect antidote to much of the over-production that had come to typify a lot of rock music that year. Hell, over-production still typifies much of the rock n roll that's out there now and thank God SHAFFER is back with a brand new album OUTSIDE OF TIME. SHAFFER's gritty rock n roll approach gets put to good use on material that speaks to life and lows (mostly lows) such as the stomping first single GOING DOWN SLOW accompanied by a mesmerizing music video. 

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