Saturday, March 28, 2015

GONZO #2 - The Second Podcast of Jeremy Gilley

Well the guy is back for more.  Last week, ROCKWIRED's #2 downloaded some AUDACITY software and thought he's try his hand at putting a podcast together.  Now he's given us the second edition of his show GONZO.  On a personal level  if I had were to scan around for a radio station and heard this kid spinning music, I'd stop and give the show a listen and right now I'm hoping everyone out there will do the same.  The tenth anniversary of the website ROCKWIRED.COM has ended up not being all that big of a deal for me - the founder for the site but it tickles me to see this punk kid approach his podcast with both enthusiasm and  some rather fine music. All of the music that he spins on this show is from bands that have been featured on our website, podcasts and magazine such as ROYAL BLISS, FOXY SHAZAM, THE WILD YOUNG HEARTS and ANOTHER LOST YEAR. I'm just glad that he's keeping it in the ROCKWIRED family. 


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #559 - Denny Diamond

Singer and songwriter NEIL DIAMOND has always been an anomaly. The man has made a fifty plus year career based on simple tunes with a curious lyrical approach and an unassuming sex appeal made even more unassuming by those glittering shirts. The man's place in the American pop cultural pantheon is secured. It's so secured that the man has inspired a number of tribute artists - with one of the most acclaimed being DENNY DIAMOND. For years he has paid homage the gravelly voiced troubadour and now has become a recording artist in his own right with the release of his two-song EP DIAMOND MOUNTAIN. The title track is a song penned by Irish folk singer LUKA BLOOM and is set to be featured in the documentary film PLAY ME which will examine the lives of NEIL DIAMOND tribute artists. Coupled with that track is a stirring cover of NEIL DIAMOND's HOLLY HOLY. One listen and you can hear why DENNY gets the acclaim he does for paying tribute to this all too American icon.


Rockwired Radio Profiles #558 - Don Puglisi

Back in 2010 DON PUGLISI had us concerned. Clearly a relationship gone sour had gotten the better of him and you could hear it on the album GOODBYE, NEW YORK. Okay so I'm exaggerating just a bit but the point is the guy had a way with taking a bad relationship and putting it under the microscope in  musically pleasing way.  In the five years since he has played out and toured regularly and found the time to release a live album. Now PUGLISI is back with a brand new EP and and whole new perspective on this thing called life. BUBBLES OF LIGHT is only four songs but is a cut above his 2010 release in terms  of it's top notch production and a new found lyrical dexterity that takes a more optimistic view of love and life without coming across all saccharine and cloying - but just plain honest.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Rock Is Red #3 - Cody Blackbird

For the third edition of the ROCK IS RED podcast we've caught up with flute player and composer CODY BLACKBIRD (Cherokee/Dakota) whose haunting compositions and performances have earned him universal acclaim as well as a few industry accolades such as a couple of Native American Music Awards for Flutist of the Year and for for Song of the Year in 2012 for the track HEAR MY CRY with Rosebud Sioux hip hop artist FRANK WALN. In the years since that NAMMY win, BLACKBIRD has experienced disillusionment over an alleged mishandling of royalties over the song HEAR MY CRY  but  that  disillusionment has allowed BLACKBIRD to challenge himself as both a musician and an artist. His current EP release EUPHORIA - Produced by TERRANCE JAYE (Oglala Sioux hip hop producer) - takes BLACKBIRD's mesmerizing flute sounds and combines them with ambient beats and electronic textures.  His forthcoming release THIS SIDE UP is being released by his eponymous band  and is stylistically different from EUPHORIA or any of his previous releases. THIS SIDE UP introduces us to CODY BLACK BIRD - the multi-instrumentalist and singer with a message about the human condition. The first track to be made available form THIS SIDE UP is the acoustic guitar driven PROMISED LAND - a good old fashioned protest song giving a big middle finger to the KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #557 - Matthew Azrieli

It's nice when we can turn the volume down just a little bit every now and then. Singer-songwriter MATTHEW AZRIELI serves up a delectable little EP called CHLOE (named for the artist's girlfriend) which showcases AZRIELI's earnest and immediate songwriting which is given extra punch with a full band and and the singer songwriter's own DYLAN-esque howl which is brought to full effect on the tracks CONDOMS AND RAZORBLADES, MOCKING BIRD and the epic coffee shop ballad WHERE ARE YOU TONIGHT? AZRIELI is currently in his Sophomore year at BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC studying songwriting. Clearly the education is paying off.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #556 - A.D.D.

Chicago-based A.D.D. is starting 2015 out with a bang, releasing their 2nd full-length hard hitting album "CORE" in January. The band has sold 6,000 cds independently and have amassed over 4,000 paid downloads. They have played with KORN, CHEVELLE, HALESTORM, SEVENDUST, ALTERBRIDGE, and BUCKCHERRY to name a few. In addition, they have headlined some of Chicago's most prestigious venues including HOUSE OF BLUES, METRO, and MOJOES. They have also played major events such as THROTTLEFEST at TOYOTA PARK, SUMMERFEST at MILWAUKEE FAIRGROUNDS, and WIIL ROCKFEST in Twin Lakes, WI. The new album "CORE" was mixed by TADPOLE (DISTURBED, 3 DOORS DOWN, STAIND) and mastered by GRAMMY Award winner TREVOR SADLER. The album has already received spins at WYKT (SW Chicago), WIXO (Peoria, IL), and was the "420 Hit of The Day" on WIIL Rock (Chicago, IL). The band plans to tour throughout the new year in support of their new release "CORE".


Rock Is Red #2 - Berta Benally "Remembering The Ancestors" The Official Native American Showcase for SXSW

SXSW is the biggest music event of the year where an entire industry descends on the streets of Austin, Texas. For an entire week, bands will showcase what they've got and and music industry professionals discuss current trends in the business and network with other professionals.  There are so many voices to be heard at this event and this year a silent demographic is being brought to the attention of SXSW organizers - American Indian music. BERTA BENALLY - manager of the the Navajo rock duo SIHASIN has created the first, official NATIVE AMERICAN SHOWCASE for SXSW titled REMEMBERING THE ANCESTORS. In addition ot SIHASIN, the bill for this showcase includes JOHN TRUDELL and BAD DOG, SCATTER THEIR OWN, HUICHOL MUSICAL and a special guest appearance by EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS.  According to BENALLY, the goal of this showcase is to bring American Indian music the attention that it deserves.  The showcase is an all ages show and will take place SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2015 from 9PM to 1AM at ST. DAVID'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH | HISTORIC SANCTUARY on 301 E. 8TH STREET, AUSTIN, TX 78701.


Monday, March 16, 2015

GONZO #1 - The Premiere of Jeremy Gilley's Podcast

ROCKWIRED has it's own twist on that old saying about teaching a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. For us they saying goes "Give a punk kid some space on your website and he starts to think he's HUNTER S. THOMPSON". ROCKWIRED contributor JEREMY GILLEY had the nerve to think that he was rock journalist material  and that nerve has driven him to profiling such bands and artists as THE DARKNESS, HENRY ROLLINS, CITY OF THE WEAK,  FOXY SHAZAM and others.  He has also become a stringer for ROCKWIRED at live shows with reviews that he thinks put him inthe same fucking league as LESTER BANGS (I doubt he even knows who the guy is) and jumping onstage with the headlining act with a mic in hand  just because ROLLING STONE doesn't have the balls to  do the exact same thing.  Now, he's dowloaded some AUDACITY software and has come up with his first ever podcast. We at ROCKWIRED have a feeling that we are going to regret this but damn it's gonna be fun.  


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rock Is Red #1 - Ghost Town Orchestra

Is there any wonder we gave this band the cover for the premiere issue of ROCK IS RED? We first became acquainted with this Ontario-based band of rockers back in August of 2014 after the band had just been nominated for BEST ROCK BAND in the ABORIGINAL PEOPLES CHOICE MUSIC AWARDS. Months after we had featured them  they had actually walked away with the prize. It always feels good when you can pick a winner.  There is still a tremendous amount of momentum that has been built by their win and ROCKWIRED sees really big things happening with this band - hopefully a little more attention Stateside. Citing influences such as RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, BOB DYLAN, TOM WAITS, THE DARKNESS, THE BLACK KEYS  and KINGS OF LEON, GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA create a vibrant folk-inspired sound well suited for fans of rock & roll and alternative folk fans alike. LOGAN STAATS (guitar/vocals),VICTOR MARTISIUS (guitar/vocals), IAN MARTINS (Bass/vocals) and PAUL VENDITTI (Drums) steadily morphed themselves into an experimental rock-funk outfit during the the early summer of 2012 in the forgotten ghost town of Brantford, Ontario. What began as a simple collaboration project between the young but scattered musicians quickly transformed into a rambunctious hybrid of swaggering indie rock and danceable Folk not bound by any specific genre. Guided by sandpaper-gritty vocals, a blend of raw unpolished boogie rock, and unvarnished guitar parts these gentlemen of the stage are set to prove that anything is possible when you put you heart and soul into it.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Rock Is Red - Sneak Preview

On April 15th ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE will be launching a quarterly digital magazine called ROCK IS RED and to get the buzz going on this exciting new publication ROCKWIRED is also launching a new podcast series of the same name. Actually the idea for ROCK IS RED is an old one here at ROCKWIRED. For years produced the online podcast series ABORIGINAL SOUNDS which featured music and exclusive interviews with the top American Indian and First Nations recording artists. After a while we felt that the show needed a name change and reboot and now we've done it. And somewhere along the way we came up with the idea to give ROCK IS RED it's own magazine.Why has a rock music magazine like ROCKWIRED gone through all of this trouble to highlight music makers from Indian Country? Well the answer is simple. ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE is the first American Indian-owned rock magazine. As a music journalist and a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe I feel like I've got a responsibility to promote the music of Indian people now matter what the music is really. While ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE focuses solely on active rock the music that will be featured on ROCK IS RED will cover a wider range of music. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #555 - Dividing Eden

There is nothing more exciting for us than to catch something from the very beginning as we have with DIVIDING EDEN. With such musical surroundings as the Twin Cities in Minnesota, it's no wonder that this young band's musicality is right on point and now with the release of their  debut EP HERE COMES THE WATER they are about to be propelled to the next phase of career which we can tell is getting way too big for the Twin Cities.  The band's sound is a curious  mixture of  the grandiosity of EVANESCENCE and DREAM THEATER prog-iness  with the scratching of a turntable added not only to throw you off from trying to categorize their sound but  to give ELISSA-MARIE and  bassist ERIC ROTTER's compositions that extra kick  that can catapult the band to greater heights  than any winner of THE VOICE could imagine.  

Rockwired Radio Profiles # 554 - Take 147

Even in this day and age the notion of an all-female rock band is still going to garner a wide range of assumptions and all of them have been heard by the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based band TAKE 147. However when these women get on stage armed only with their axes and their gear and a whole bunch of swagger and attitude, people (mostly guys) walk away saying the same thing. "You sure don't play like girls!" Of course the members TAKE 147 don't take offense to this. To them, this is high praise and folks who want their music a little heavier and harder need to check out the band's latest album NOTHING TO LOSE.  With the wailing RANDY RHOADS-styled playing of lead guitarist ROCHELLE SMITH and singer GRETTA ZECHMAN's LITA FORD-like howl, TAKE 147 is a band that is here to give you a most rocking alternative to all that wispy stuff going on in indie rock as of  late.