Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #558 - Don Puglisi

Back in 2010 DON PUGLISI had us concerned. Clearly a relationship gone sour had gotten the better of him and you could hear it on the album GOODBYE, NEW YORK. Okay so I'm exaggerating just a bit but the point is the guy had a way with taking a bad relationship and putting it under the microscope in  musically pleasing way.  In the five years since he has played out and toured regularly and found the time to release a live album. Now PUGLISI is back with a brand new EP and and whole new perspective on this thing called life. BUBBLES OF LIGHT is only four songs but is a cut above his 2010 release in terms  of it's top notch production and a new found lyrical dexterity that takes a more optimistic view of love and life without coming across all saccharine and cloying - but just plain honest.


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