Friday, March 13, 2015

Rock Is Red - Sneak Preview

On April 15th ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE will be launching a quarterly digital magazine called ROCK IS RED and to get the buzz going on this exciting new publication ROCKWIRED is also launching a new podcast series of the same name. Actually the idea for ROCK IS RED is an old one here at ROCKWIRED. For years produced the online podcast series ABORIGINAL SOUNDS which featured music and exclusive interviews with the top American Indian and First Nations recording artists. After a while we felt that the show needed a name change and reboot and now we've done it. And somewhere along the way we came up with the idea to give ROCK IS RED it's own magazine.Why has a rock music magazine like ROCKWIRED gone through all of this trouble to highlight music makers from Indian Country? Well the answer is simple. ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE is the first American Indian-owned rock magazine. As a music journalist and a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe I feel like I've got a responsibility to promote the music of Indian people now matter what the music is really. While ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE focuses solely on active rock the music that will be featured on ROCK IS RED will cover a wider range of music. 

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