Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #555 - Dividing Eden

There is nothing more exciting for us than to catch something from the very beginning as we have with DIVIDING EDEN. With such musical surroundings as the Twin Cities in Minnesota, it's no wonder that this young band's musicality is right on point and now with the release of their  debut EP HERE COMES THE WATER they are about to be propelled to the next phase of career which we can tell is getting way too big for the Twin Cities.  The band's sound is a curious  mixture of  the grandiosity of EVANESCENCE and DREAM THEATER prog-iness  with the scratching of a turntable added not only to throw you off from trying to categorize their sound but  to give ELISSA-MARIE and  bassist ERIC ROTTER's compositions that extra kick  that can catapult the band to greater heights  than any winner of THE VOICE could imagine.  

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