Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles # 554 - Take 147

Even in this day and age the notion of an all-female rock band is still going to garner a wide range of assumptions and all of them have been heard by the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based band TAKE 147. However when these women get on stage armed only with their axes and their gear and a whole bunch of swagger and attitude, people (mostly guys) walk away saying the same thing. "You sure don't play like girls!" Of course the members TAKE 147 don't take offense to this. To them, this is high praise and folks who want their music a little heavier and harder need to check out the band's latest album NOTHING TO LOSE.  With the wailing RANDY RHOADS-styled playing of lead guitarist ROCHELLE SMITH and singer GRETTA ZECHMAN's LITA FORD-like howl, TAKE 147 is a band that is here to give you a most rocking alternative to all that wispy stuff going on in indie rock as of  late.


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