Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #553 - Bonz

When we spoke with BONZ - the former front man of STUCK MOJO - with regard to his band's forthcoming debut LP BROKEN SILENCE he stated that he wanted people to know that rap-rock isn't dead. Sure you get people ringing the death knell for rock n roll left and right and  you've got others saying that  rock n roll's death can't be called just yet. But is championing this last great musical fusion other than BONZ? Nobody. And that will suit BONZ just fine given the fact that the band's balls-to-the-wall new album will serve as a clarion call  for the survival of rap-rock.  BONZ and guitarist CURT TAYLOR are the brain trust behind the band's punchy sound  which is further punctuated by the bass slappage of DON LESLIE and the thunderous percussion of ERIN STAGG. The silence has indeed been broken and we at ROCKWIRED have had a taste of one of our first favorite recordings of 2015.  

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