Friday, February 20, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #549 - Claire London

After listening to the mesmerizing electro pop of CLAIRE LONDON, you wouldn't think that this promising young artist was once a fan of more conventional pop offerings from more conventional pop artists such as MARIAH CAREY. But like all of us she grew up and cultivated a more refined musical palate which includes the likes of DEPECHE MODE, NINE INCH NAILS and the moody trip hop of PORTISHEAD. With some guidance from producer ROBERT LUX all of LONDON's musical influences can be heard on her latest EP HIT THE SWITCH but the listener gets something more - CLAIRE LONDON herself. The young singer's sturdy contralto soars effortlessly over LUX's electronic soundscapes in the same way as ANNIE LENNOX's did back in her EURYTHMICS days. LONDON's 2011 debut album LIKE A MACHINE proved that she could issue a cold electronic howl as good as REZNOR himself but HIT THE SWITCH proves that there is a heartbeat beneath all of the electronic luster. That's a damn good thing!  

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