Monday, December 21, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #612 - Corners of Sanctuary

When we first spoke with the members of CORNERS OF SANCTUARY a few months the interview was aimed at discussing their then-latest album AXE TO GRIND but clearly that album was ancient history for these fellas as they had their sights set on the future with an album they were working on titled METAL MACHINE. Even the advertising that they've run in ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE of late has made mention of the fact that METAL MACHINE was on it's way and according tot he band this album was to be a crowning achievement and now that the release is finally here we can say that all of the advance hype was worth it. METAL MADNESS is the latest chapter in the ever evolving saga of CORNERS OF SANCTUARY and their mission to reintroduce the metal madness of yore to an unsuspecting musical landscape that seems all too willing to favor restraint an sheen over frenetic energy and bravado.  METAL MADNESS is a rocking good time and accompanying the release is a Holiday album entitled DRIVEN SNOW which cranks up to eleven and delivers holiday themed tunes in a way that is palatable to folk who don't know the first thing about roasting chestnuts on an opened fire. This is a band with about as many surprises and deliveries as STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS and we certainly don't mind hearing more and more. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #611 - One

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, ONE is band that is issuing the the sort of rock n roll that we had thought was extinct in favor of the clinical, electronic sound that has come to typify what could pass as "current" and "new". In 2013 they issued their debut album NJOYIN which had earned them much acclaim in their homeland and throughout Europe. The road to the localized success of their debut album was started long ago when guitarist ADAM MALICKI picked up the guitar at age of eight charged with a love for the music of DEEP PURPLE. The vunderkind started his first band at the age of twelve and had made a name for himself in Warsaw. In 2010 he began putting together the foundation of what would become the band ONE. Now MALICKI and the band have released the album TRUTH OF LIES in both English and Polish and the music runs the gamut of from more headbanging material such as GETTING AWAY to bluesier cuts as STAN THE MAN. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #610 - Xoch

XOCH. Her music, her look, her presence, they stimulate your senses and demand your attention. With a tour de force of vocals and a commanding stage presence, singer/songwriter front-girl XOCH knows how to grab her audience with huge hooks, a driving and dynamic rock/pop sound, and powerful lyrics that resonate inside your head and refuse to let go. Her name means “the goddess of flower and song”, and she is just that. XOCH has received critical acclaim from all over the world for her music. She has had over 60 major licenses of her original music to ABC, MTV, VH1, LIFETIME, TOYOTA, JEEP/EAGLE, WARREN MILLER, and many more. She has released five CD’s to date - HOLLYWOOD, POPCORE DU JOUR, CABARET and THE ONE. Her latest release is self-titled.  XOCH is an engaging, provocative and versatile live performer. She is equally adept at both the intimate setting of a small acoustic performance or a full band electric concert, and has shared the stage with such national acts as EVANESCENCE, JOAN OSBOURNE, PAT BENATAR, SPIN DOCTORS, LIT, BUTCH WALKER, and many others. She has performed at such famous venues as the HOUSE OF BLUES at MANDALAY BAY, THE HARD ROCK HOTEL AND CAFE, CBGB, THE CONTINENTAL, THE KNITTING FACTORY, THE BITTER END, THE CHANCE THEATER, THE PALACE THEATER, NYC’s MEANYFEST, NEMO, THE BLOCK ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL,THE HUDSON RIVER ARTS FESTIVAL, and many more.With her range of commercial appeal and her avid following, it is only a matter of time before XOCH invades the airwaves and beckons the listeners to take heed.