Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #611 - One

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, ONE is band that is issuing the the sort of rock n roll that we had thought was extinct in favor of the clinical, electronic sound that has come to typify what could pass as "current" and "new". In 2013 they issued their debut album NJOYIN which had earned them much acclaim in their homeland and throughout Europe. The road to the localized success of their debut album was started long ago when guitarist ADAM MALICKI picked up the guitar at age of eight charged with a love for the music of DEEP PURPLE. The vunderkind started his first band at the age of twelve and had made a name for himself in Warsaw. In 2010 he began putting together the foundation of what would become the band ONE. Now MALICKI and the band have released the album TRUTH OF LIES in both English and Polish and the music runs the gamut of from more headbanging material such as GETTING AWAY to bluesier cuts as STAN THE MAN. 

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