Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #559 - Denny Diamond

Singer and songwriter NEIL DIAMOND has always been an anomaly. The man has made a fifty plus year career based on simple tunes with a curious lyrical approach and an unassuming sex appeal made even more unassuming by those glittering shirts. The man's place in the American pop cultural pantheon is secured. It's so secured that the man has inspired a number of tribute artists - with one of the most acclaimed being DENNY DIAMOND. For years he has paid homage the gravelly voiced troubadour and now has become a recording artist in his own right with the release of his two-song EP DIAMOND MOUNTAIN. The title track is a song penned by Irish folk singer LUKA BLOOM and is set to be featured in the documentary film PLAY ME which will examine the lives of NEIL DIAMOND tribute artists. Coupled with that track is a stirring cover of NEIL DIAMOND's HOLLY HOLY. One listen and you can hear why DENNY gets the acclaim he does for paying tribute to this all too American icon.


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