Friday, July 24, 2015

Rock Is Red #12 - Ghost Town Orchestra

The lead singer of an rock band is integral to the image of that band and any stepping into that position when a charismatic front man is vacated or vacates that position will learn fast what an unenviable position it is. In the case of VICTOR MARTISIUS, it is a chance to move forward after the acrimonious departure of former lead singer LOGAN STAATS and continue to give the people what they've come to expect from the band GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA - blistering rock n roll and an electrifying live set. "You just keep working hard and keep honing your craft" says MARTISIUS. "We go to band practice every Tuesday and every Thursday and we think it's the best thing ever and it reflects in the tunes because the tunes are getting a little more edgy. A little more funky and a little more fun. A little more adventurous. A little more heavy. These are the things that keep us going. We've got to make sure that we do everyone proud. We play this for us but its' not just about us. There is a crowd of a hundred people in front of us and there is only three of us onstage now. We're outnumbered. There's a reason why we want to work so hard because everyone who comes out to see us to cheer us on we want to make sure that we do them proud." In speaking with MARTISIUS, the departure of STAATS still pains him as you'll hear inteh interview but any resentment is tempered by the success the band still continues to enjoy. Especially with their recent nomination by the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARDS for BEST BAND and BEST ENGINEER/PRODUCER. 


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