Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #583 - Finger Eleven

Given the fickle nature of the music industry these days, five years is a long time to go without releasing anything new. FINGER ELEVEN truly came to prominence in 2007 on the strength of their single PARALYZER from their fifth album  THEM vs. YOU  vs. ME which was followed up by the JUNO AWARD nominated album LIFE TURNS ELECTRIC in 2010. Five years later the band has released the album FIVE CROOKED LINES and trust us when we say that no momentum has been lost and not a beat has been skipped. Their  smashing new single WOLVES AND DOORS is proof of this. According to the bands lead guitarist JAMES BLACK : "We spent that time making this record. As a band we've been together about twenty-two or twenty-three years now. After a while we have five ingredients and you're trying to make a different soup everyday. It's like how can you make something new with it. We didn't want to be on autopilot. We stopped for a second and and regrouped and decided to make an album that sounded like what we wanted to do and not what we are effortlessly doing. Part of changing things up involved dismantling the lineup and getting rid of our drummer and going back to ground zero." 

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