Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rock Is Red #10 - Scatter Their Own

There is no business model quite like that of a rock n roll band. There is no guarantee that money is going to come through or that an audience is going to show up for a performance. And on the creative and performance fronts egos can become fragile. For years we've followed SCATTER THEIR OWN and have marveled at the fact that band has remained resilient in a musical environment where music doesn't make money and rock n roll isn't quite the music of the day. The strength of this band lies in the creative and romantic bond of it's creative nucleus SCOTTI and JULIANA CLIFFORD. SCATTER THEIR OWN is a family affair where music comes before ego. Since the band first came onto the scene in 2013, SCATTER THEIR OWN have become media darlings throughout Indian Country and beyond on the strength of their music and JULIANA's camera readiness (check out the cover of the latest edition of NATIVE MAX MAGAZINE). The band's straight ahead rock sound has earned them a loyal following throughout the U.S. and beyond so it's no surprise that their debut album TASTE THE TIME is now nominated for the INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARD for BEST ROCK ALBUM. Despite the nomination the Oglala Lakota couple know that there is work to be done with a series of upcoming shows as well as the follow up their stellar debut.


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