Thursday, December 1, 2016

Float Like A Buffalo - Rockwired Radio Profiles #675

It’s been a crazy couple years since the summer of 2014, when CORY PEARMAN (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and GARRET ACHTEN (percussion, backing vocals) - founders and core members of Denver based rock-funk-blues-folk powerhouse FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY - jammed out a few of CORY's acoustic tunes with a djembe and guitar in CORY's apartment. After countless creative differences, resulting personnel changes and stops and starts, they solidified their lineup in January 2016 with the addition of drummer PHIL PLECKHAM. This past year, they’ve become a non-stop machine, rocking their home region and beyond with the stylistic diversity of JACK WHITE and the fiery live energy of THE FOO FIGHTERS. With the release of their perfectly titled EP, the band - which also includes EVAN CRABDREE (lead guitar) and JASON CLUKIES (bass) from the band SHREDDING HEIGHTS – invites the world to follow their wild musical adventures and ENJOY THE RIDE. 
The band recorded the five tracks of ENJOY THE RIDE in two days at DECIBEL GARDEN STUDIOS in Denver, helped along by engineers SILAS MERA THOMASEN and EVERETT OKLAR. CORY penned the raucous title track in response to his girlfriend, who moved to Colorado from Southern California to be with him but was having second thoughts. It's crafty rhymes need a bit of clever deciphering but his core message makes for a great life philosophy: "You can let it go and enjoy the ride while there’s still time." Inspired by a botched attempt to tell her he loved her before midnight on New Year's Eve, the likewise spirited THIS MOMENT offers a similar seize the day philosophy: "When it feels just right, don’t let it slip away." Drawing on Cory’s acoustic roots, he was in full on retro MARTY ROBBINS mode when he wrote the bar-soaked singalong WHISKEY DREAM. The band's balance of harder rock edges and lush vocal harmonies is perfectly reflected on GARRETT'S jamming DR. ORDERS. 


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