Monday, December 26, 2016

Mitch Hayes - Rockwired Radio Profiles #679

With the losses that we have suffered in music in the past year and a changing of the guard in terms of the U.S. Presidency, it is ROCKWIRED's theory that music with meaning will be making  comeback. That isn't to say that such music didn't exist. It was just slightly under the radar and featuring on the pages of this website if we may toot our own horn. We can hear such a music maker in singer songwriter MITCH HAYES on his latest album HEROES. While immersed in music as a youngster and as a young man playing in numerous bands, HAYES eventually took to the respectable route and sought a career in healthcare but the muse came calling at retirement age and HAYES has been chasing it ever since. HEROES marks a change in HAYES in a reach for wider recognition  and maybe even broader appeal. The song ALL FALL DOWN speaks of a society that has came undone by indifference and it's just one of the songs on this fine album that go form matters of the human condition to the intricacies of the human heart in a moment's notice. 


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