Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Joey Stuckey - Rockwired Radio Profiles #678

There is this school of thought out there that suggests that music these days is a visual experience and should appeal to the eyes as well as the ears. But that argument never meant much to a guy like JOEY STUCKEY. Blind since the age of two, STUCKEY got lost in a world of sound which led him to a career in sound, music production and eventually - his own music. With eight albums behind him, it is indeed a rich experience to see STUCKEY set his song BLIND MAN DRIVIN' to a music video and funny one at that. In it our protagonist is in a dilemma. He's got to get some place, his UBER ride (we're assuming) flakes on him and he has to to resort to carjacking an SUV and from there hijinx ensues. Personally, I think he the woman could've given the guy a ride. Apart from the video, BLIND MAN DRIVIN' and is a punchy, driving blues rocker and is just one of the gems to be heard and felt on STUCKEY's new EP SIX STRING SOLDIER. STUCKEY's musicality and songwriting chops are right on point and puts him on the level of JOHN BONAMASSA and JOHN HIATT, especially on the mood, jangly rocker 10,000 MILES. 


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