Saturday, December 17, 2016

K.P. Wolfe - Rockwired Radio Profiles #677

Musically and culturally we're due for music that uplifts in a blunt and honest way and if we add a strong, raw, sultry voice to the equation then I'd have to say it's a bout damned time. K.P. WOLFE is just full of surprises on her debut EP EXODUS and believe us when we say that both the music and it's chanteuse sound just as epic and biblical as the title. WOLFE's voice is of the bluesy, soulful variety with a bit of a rock n roll bite. JANIS JOPLIN maybe the obvious comparison but  the woman's tendency to stick up for herself and stick it to a man who has done her wrong has more in common with the approach that has been paved by the likes of PINK and PAT BENATAR. The glorious title track is a proud march toward independence with one's head held high and WOLFE's soulful wail floating effortlessly above the proceedings. The song TAKE BACK THE RING is a power ballad that doesn't go for sentimentality but for self preservation. A little girl power never hurt anyone.


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