Saturday, December 17, 2016

Alzara & Brother Spellbinder - Rockwired Radio Profiles #676

It's every band or artist's dream to be seen as something different and difficult to categorize but few acts - despite the seemingly infinite number of music acts that are out there - deserve to be seen in such a light as ALZARA & BROTHER SPELLBINDER. The unearthly combination of lead singer ALZARA GETZ's ethereal serenading and BROTHER SPELLBINDERS' acoustic charged folk-jazz approach is an alluring one. GETZ's musical tales of love, life and people in oh-so delicate stages and predicaments truly shine on the band's debut EP WHEN THE EARTH WAS STILL FLAT but then again such musicality on GETZ's part should come as no surprise given the fact that the woman was born into rock n roll. Her father - DAVE GETZ - was the drummer for BIG BAND AND THE HOLDING COMPANY. When you're a little girl who sleeps under "...her father's drum kit" as ALZARA said to us in our interview with her, then music clearly becomes something that you simply can't shake off. For years, ALZARA performed in a variety of bands in the Bay City Area  for years but eventually sense her own musical voice emerging. With the help of guitarist JAMIE WILSON to lend a little yang to GETZ's ying, BROTHER SPELLBINDER was born in 2012 and the band's artistry has been going strong ever since. 

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