Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #604 - Luke Underhill

I remember a time when people felt that rock n roll and earnest songwriting was going to be a thing of the past. They said that during the height of the boy band era and they are saying it now in the JUSTIN BIEBER/NICKI MINAJ era. But when we see a fresh faced twenty year old take his songwriting queue from the likes of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN we have to wonder if there is any validity to all of this doomsaying. Earlier this year, said "fresh face twenty year old" LUKE UNDERHILL released his album ATLAS - a punchy little pop-rock album that hits all of the right targets for mainstream radio airplay yet pulls at the heart strings without coming across all sentimental. Now UNDERHILL has released an interesting follow up - an eight-song EP of acoustic renderings of songs from the ATLAS album titled ATLAS - UNPLUGGED. The songwriting truly shines in  these stripped down acoustic performances. LUKE UNDERHILL is a name to remember the next time the subject of the future of songwriting comes up.

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