Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #598 - Vermillion Road

Sex, drugs and rock n roll has always been one hell of an enticing package. Lord knows ROCKWIRED has built our reputation on celebrating the kind of music that speaks to the darker side of love and life. So when something comes our way that is described as positive and uplifting there might be a little bit of hesitation on our part but after giving PALACES - the new release from the Denver-based band VERMILLION ROAD - that hesitation was unwarranted. Just check out the baby faces on this band of twenty-somethings! What they lack in age they more than make up for in musicality and an innate sense of what makes a song work. With PALACES they've got an album full of finely crafted pop rock with a heart as big as it's sound as evidenced by the electrifying rockers TREAD ON ME and THESE LIES and the stirring balladry of the album's title track. 

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