Saturday, September 5, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #595 - Kore Rozzik

He's got a mouth bigger than New York City and ambitions that are larger than that city's surrounding metropolitan area and if you ask us that's a damn good thing. Attitude and swagger have become more common among rappers and pop stars so maybe KORE ROZZIK represents a return to the old notion that a rock star lifestyle can be lived by a guy who want to be an "actual" rock star. The hair, the make up and the attitude are all there but it's the music that legitimizes KORE ROZZIK's claim on rock n roll stardom. A tremendous amount of love and care has been taken into getting his debut EP HAVE A TASTE recorded in the studio and packaged in such a way that will excited folks who would probably rely on YOUTUBE or SPOTIFY for the their music fix instead of paying for it. Preceding the release of this EP is the first single ROCKSTAR - a raucous little number that perfectly sums up KORE ROZZIK's music and marketing agenda. While the music is great, the live set is clearly where it's at for KORE ROZZIK and if the live performances that we've seen on YOUTUBE are any indication this is most definitely a show that needs to get on the road. 

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