Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #601 - Ships Have Sailed

It isn't often that we do double duty here at ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES but in the case of SHIPS HAVE SAILED releasing a remix album on the heals of their flawlessly produced alternative pop album MOOD SWINGS, we needed to make a exception. Released in March of this year, MOODSWINGS is that breezy, feel good release that you find yourself listening to all Summer long. Right now it makes us a little sorry for that fact that we are just getting around to these guys on the very day that Autumn has begun. The singles DRIVE (not too dissimilar from THE CARS' classic pop ballad of the same name) and the punchy SUMMERTIME stand out by a mile on a CD that knows how to boast clever hooks and melodies that get stuck with you for weeks. Now, SHIPS HAVE SAILED have released their aptly titled RE:MIX EP where four songs from the band's already  effervescent catalog become even more effervescent in the hands of some ace dee-jays. The band's penchant for pop song craft is undeniable.

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