Monday, September 14, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #600 - ShaManic

It is the 600th edition of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES and what do we do? We break away from tradition and profile a hip hop artist. SHAMANIC is a young man with a story to tell and that story is vividly illustrated through rapid fire rhyme and unrelenting beats on his debut LP THE ARTIST. White guys in rap are nothing to shake a stick at in this post-MARSHALL MATHERS musical climate but what should get people talking is SHAMANIC's long and winding road of survival. Haunted by a life marred by mental illness and a horrifying tenure in a mental hospital SHAMANIC has takes a few at his demons on this mesmerizing debut with such tracks as the penetrating first single MINDLESS, BA DA DA DA (the albums one moment of levity) and the chilling MR. ANDERSON. There is no artist out there that is comparable at the moment so in the meantime you're going to have to file this one somewhere in between MARSHALL MATHERS and the most intense WILLIAM FRIEDKIN movie that you can think of.   

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