Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #597 - Bonz

No one needs to tell us that rock n roll is hard work and no one knows that better than BONZ. The former front man for STUCK MOJO launched his own self-titled band two years ago and ROCKWIRED was one of the first outlets to fill people in on it. Earlier this year they released their album BROKEN SILENCE and if you look in the latest edition of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE you'll see that BONZ himself made our GUYS OF ROCK list. However there have been a few pitfalls. A tour was canceled recently due to their buses engine catching fire. While some new dates have been booked the band is looking to purchase a new bus. Outside of that, the past has come back to haunt BONZ due to a recent interview that STUCK MOJO guitarist RICH WARD gave to the TALKING METAL PODCAST regarding BONZ' contributions to the band.  "I never tried to be a funk guitar player; I was a metal guy. It was just how my influences cross-sectioned with our funk/reggae bass player and our rapper, who couldn't sing anything, 'cause he had no idea about melody. He was just a pissed off black guy who had a rough life, who had been in prison, who just had… he had a story and had an outlook on life that I just had no idea even existed."
Of course, BONZ was quick to respond:
"I was simultaneously shocked, hurt and angered when I read the most recent comments that Rich Ward has stated about me publicly. I am not totally surprised, as this has been a point of contention for several years.Both my private life and my public persona are very important to me, and I do not appreciate either being questioned or attacked. I am not sure where [Rich's above-mentioned quote] comes from, or quite how I am supposed to interpret it, but it is not something that I would expect to come from him in 2015. This was a stark reminder of how things ended up in 2006, the last time that we worked together. I have worked too hard to establish myself in this business to have anyone besmirch my name over and over again.The last three years have been some of my most productive. Forming a new band, recording an album that I am damn proud of, getting the opportunity to be supported by great labels, and traveling the country playing and performing music for fans, I believe proves any of the past derogatory statements to be 'questionable.' I chose to respond to these comments, as in the past I chose to remain silent and take the 'high' road.After traveling around the country and reconnecting with many old friends and fans along the way, I was alarmed at the stories and rumors that were out there. I want to make sure that my thoughts and feelings are conveyed and that the public is exposed to both sides of the story."
Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/stuck-mojo-frontman-bonz-was-shocked-hurt-and-angered-by-bandmate-rich-wards-recent-comments/#fLtck9TljPrp36P0.99
However, we've got BONZ himself on the show today and believe me when I say he's got tons more to say on the matter.



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