Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rock Is Red #13 - Wolf Saga

The pristine and precise synth sound that typified 1980's new wave  was a sound that has never left me. As a child of the REAGAN-era, the music that I listened to was the antithesis of the 60's/70's styled sensibilities of my parents generation so I find it funny how a kid who is half my age is out there and making music that exemplifies all that I loved about the music of my "growing up". WOLF SAGA is a project helmed by Anishinaabe  musician and songwriter JOHNNY SAGA who has just released his newest EP AUBURN NIGHTS and the radiant four song collection definitely deserves it's place on the shelf between MGMT's "CONGRATULATIONS" and THE STROKES' "ROOM ON FIRE". Grounding WOLF SAGA's iridescent electronica is an undeniable punk sensibility which comes through loud and clear on the tracks ALL IN and WALLS. In my interview with JOHNNY SAGA he states that he will be heading back to the studio to work on new material whcih is a good thing. He's got me wanting to hear more. 


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