Friday, September 25, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #603 - Nick Peay

The days of music telling a story as compelling as any that you see on TV are long gone but that hasn't stopped singer songwriter NICK PEAY from using the EP format to brings about songs that paint a vivid picture in ones mind of the struggle of addiction. Surprisingly, PEAY relates to us that he himself has never struggled with addiction which is strange given the intimacy in the lyrics of his latest EP SOBERING. While the struggle of putting down and laying off the sauce makes for a stirring listen the music and the lyrics both thankfully steer clear of sensationalism or righteousness and instead treat the subject of addiction with the humanity that such a subject deserves. At the very least the track PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN could be the new theme for INTERVENTION. Isn't it about time that show retired FIVE STEPS by THE DAVENPORTS?

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