Monday, August 29, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #657 - Shallow Side

For years SHALLOW SIDE has been a favorite here at ROCKWIRED with a tough-as-nails sound that has never had a problem going over well on any active rock radio format. They've managed to make a name for themselves on a sound that one can bang their head to while walking away a with a melody that can be hummed at the office cubicle or on the road but their new single REBEL is something else. Yes this one won't have any problems getting the airplay needed to take it and the band to where they need to go but something is different in the execution and delivery. After speaking with the band's front man ERIC BOATRIGHT, it's clear that the notion of rebellion and shaking things up is where the band is at with this new single and their upcoming album. And if anything needs shaking up these days, isn't it rock n roll - which everyone from GENE SIMMONS or that other schmuck from KISS is writing off as "dead". With much of the rock n roll audience firmly entrenched in playlists from  twenty years ago SHALLOW SIDE is taking a proactive stance in proving to the masses that rock n roll is still a force to be reckoned with. And so is SHALLOW SIDE.


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