Monday, August 29, 2016

Todd Apfel | Rockwired Radio Profiles #658

Any story arc having to do with chasing the rock n roll dream usually ends in glory, tragedy or simply fading into obscurity and if fame and fortune weren't the things the hero of the story was able to walk away with then at least he or she had a bunch of memories they could share with whoever is kind enough to listen. TODD APFEL got on that road to rock n roll glory as the lead of a band that had toured much of the Midwest. His band had even shared the stage with CHEAP TRICK. While APFEL experienced the highs of performing in front of large crowds and rubbing elbows with folks more famous it wasn't long before the grind of a life on the road caught up with him and his band mates and the rock n roll life was ditched in favor or Corporate America. Upon retirement from the corporate world, APFEL settled in the small town of VINING with a populations of 50. While this sounds like the denouement of some rock n roll tale, it is actually where the story gets interesting. It is the small town setting where APFEL has found the very thing that has eluded him for years - inspiration. We first became acquainted with him on his debut EP REFLECTIONS and now his music takes a more biographical turn with the aptly titled EP ONE HORSE TOWN.


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