Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crooked Eye Tommy - Rockwired Radio Profiles #659

BUTTERFLIES & SNAKES - the debut album from CROOKED EYE TOMMY is garnering some favorable press as well as  nominations for the  DOC'S BLUES AWARD for BEST BAND and from the 2016 INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE for BEST SELF-PRODUCED CD. Sure the accolades are as blues-based as the sound but there is something more to  CROOKED EYE TOMMY than blues rooted rock n roll. It's brotherly love. Siblings TOMMY and PADDY MARSH were entranced by the sounds of RAY CHARLES and MUDDY WATERS as kids in the San Joaquin Valley. Artists such as these provided the foundation and the building blocks for the musical path that the brothers MARSH travel both separately and together. BUTTERFLIES & SNAKES is a culmination of years in music and going through all of the life's ups and downs - the very shit you just can't make up and CROOKED EYE TOMMY has the musicality and the know-how to make these tales of love and life transcend mere genre. 

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