Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #654 - Jonathan Cavier

One doesn't think of a word like "refinement" when it comes to today's pop music but it was every where you looked back in the early half of the eighties with artists such as DURAN DURAN, BRYAN FERRY and SPANDAU BALLET. We could call it je ne sais quoi but the truth is we know exactly made artists such as these leap off of the TV screen and the stereo - style and pop smarts. JONATHAN CAVIER is an artist who has taken his queue from the chops of the artists that we have mentioned but don't think for a moment that his debut solo album PREMIER is some sort of obvious exercise in nostalgia. It isn't. In fact the former half of the atmospheric pop duo EYE TALK ( who used to go by the name ALAN CLARK) goes to great lengths to carve out his own musical identity starting with a new name and pop songs that eschew the obvious pop psychological heartache but instead embrace themes such as change and rebirth as he does on the album's shimmering first single JANUARY. so yes, JONATHAN CAVIER is refined as hell and PREMIER showcases a signature sound from an artist who will certainly go the distance.


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