Friday, July 29, 2016

Rock Is Red #23 - Ethan 103

A punk band  coming out of Indian Country is certainly no novelty anymore and the guys form ETHAN 103 ain't not novelty act either. Their in-you-face punk sound packs all of the punch that made bands like BAD RELIGION and THE MISFITS the big deals that they were but ETHAN 103 brings something else tot he table other than the typical white boy errancy that has marked much of the genre. These guys use the straight-forward approach of punk to address issues of American Indian survival and resistance against oppression as they had on their 2011 single 500. What would punk be without an eye-catching, raucous live set? Well these guys have made their presence known throughout much of the Southwest. They even got our attention at a show in Albuquerque not too long ago and front man MASTER WAYNE has enough stage presence and charisma to put the band on the map. Their new single PUNK ROCK FASHION POLICE is a jab at the hypocrisy of  punk scene that puts posing above being genuine. Given the fact that we feel these guys are the real thing, their observations are definitely worth listening to and taking as gospel. 

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